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Editor: Karen Franker
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Web-based Video Resources for the Flipped Classroom

Explore top-rated Web-based video resources for use in a flipped classroom or training using a variety of professionally produced videos on TED Ed, Khan Academy, SOPHIA, and others.

Flipped Classroom: Beyond the Videos 
Catlin Tucker envisions a flipped classroom that goes beyond simply incorporating ready-to-use videos. She describes the importance of wrapping the video content with online discussions, debates, and collaborative group work that stimulate higher-order thinking.

TED Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing 
Browse a growing collection of top-notch videos and animations, complete with quizzes and critical thinking questions. Use the “flip this video” button to turn a video into a customized assignment to share with students.

Flip Your Classroom and More with TED Ed Videos 
Shawn Rubin explains how instructors can create their own videos with titles, directions, questions, and links to other resources; then upload them to the TedEd Web site. TED Ed is a resource for building video-based lesson plans that can be delivered anyplace and at any time. 

10 Sites with Videos to Help Enhance or Flip a Lesson 
Dr. Scott Goldscher describes his top 10 Web sources for high quality instructional videos including: TED Ed, SOPHIA, ShowMe, Brightstorm, and six others.

Flipping the Classroom…A Goldmine of Research and Resources to Keep You on Your Feet 
Michael Gorman has created a comprehensive list of media resources for a flipped classroom, including those that promote higher-order thinking and collaborative learning.

The 5 Most Popular Khan Academy Video Lessons of All Time 
Kati Lepi describes the top 5 most-viewed Khan Academy videos including topics such as: Basic Algebra Equations, Basic Addition, and Introduction to the Atom.

Tech Tip: 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail Power Users

Stephanie Buck demonstrates 10 Gmail shortcuts, including tapping “R” to reply, “A” to reply all, or “F” to forward. 

Program Spotlight: E-learning and Online Teaching Certificate Courses

EDUC 760 E-learning for Educators 
EDUC 762 Assessment in E-learning 
EDUC 763 Instructional Design for E-learning 
EDUC 761 Creating Collaborative Communities in E-learning  

  • Eight-week online courses 
  • Expert facilitation by veteran online instructors 
  • Professional quality projects for an e-portfolio to aid in job searches 
  • Career mentoring and job placement assistance  
  • Credits may be applied as electives in the Master of Science in Education graduate degree program 

What Our Students Say…

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