Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

We track our greenhouse gas emissions to measure progress toward our goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.
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Each year UW-Stout's Sustainability Office completes a greenhouse gas inventory, assessing the emissions of our campus, commonly called our “carbon footprint.” This GHG inventory tracks our progress toward our goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. You can see our data here or at the Second Nature Reporting Platform.

GHG Inventory Data

We calculate our GHG inventory using SIMAP. This tool is used by universities and colleges who have signed Second Nature’s Carbon Commitment, as UW-Stout did in 2007, to ensure consistency in GHG reporting.

Annual Emissions

Our baseline year for greenhouse gas data is 2007. 

*Data for FY2018 is increased as the result of an anomalous commuter survey, contributing to increased Scope 3 emissions.


GHG Emissions By Scope

We measure our emissions in three scopes.


FY2019 Emissions

A breakdown of our emissions by category.