Tech Tips Newsletter - Password and Security Tips

Editor: Karen Franker
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Time-Saving Tips for Ease and Security 


Burn Note Offers a Safe Way to Send Passwords
Richard Byrne describes how to securely and electronically share passwords via an auto-generated Web link which automatically self-destructs after one use.

Why Use LastPass?(1-minute video)
Save time and frustration by using the free and secure LastPass browser add-on to access all of your favorite password-protected Web sites from any computer, without having to remember multiple passwords.

File Management

File-Naming Conventions
Jim Flowers describes effective file-naming strategies he recommends to help students and instructors easily locate and identify submitted documents.

DocsPal – Free Online File Converter
In two short steps, DocsPal gives users the capability to upload and convert documents “on the fly” into common file formats such as JPEG, AVI, MP4, and EPUB. A 20 MB per file size limit applies. Converted files appear as clickable links that can be opened and saved.


Doodle – A Quick, Easy and Free Resource For Creating Polls
K. Walsh summarizes why Doodle is an excellent, user-friendly online tool for creating quick polls, and is also a great way to determine everyone’s availability when scheduling meetings.

CoSketch: Free Online Whiteboard Collaboration Tool
CoSketch is a free multi-user online whiteboard to quickly share your ideas as real-time images. Sketches can be saved to embed on forums, blogs, etc.