UW-Stout's galleries exhibit both professional and student artwork, as well as regional, national, and international exhibitions.
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Gallery 209

Gallery 209 at UW-Stout offers student artists the opportunity to present their works professionally. Under the supervision of Gallery Coordinator Renee Carrell, Gallery 209 is maintained by the School of Art & Design student gallery assistants. With approximately 26 student exhibits a year, gallery assistants are trained to help with the installation and lighting of exhibits, as well as patching and painting the walls after each show.

“All these things are important to a functioning gallery,” said Ed Erdmann, a Studio Art senior and Gallery 209 assistant. “Both as a gallery employee and as an artist knowing how to hang different kinds of work feels invaluable to me. I am continually seeing new things that could be applied to my work or my future works." 

MFA thesis shows and BFA senior shows are required of these students for graduation and take precedence at Gallery 209. Solo shows for Art and Design seniors, as well as group shows for Art Education majors and the Fine Art Association, are also featured.

"Students seeking a solo show must apply, and so are exposed to the jurying process," Professor Robert Atwell said. "Exhibiting students create their publicity and marketing and may seek community sponsorships to support their exhibit. Receptions, critiques, and lectures in the gallery give student artists proper exposure. This is their space." 

"Gallery 209 is a great place to have the opportunity to work and to show work," Erdmann added. "I will soon be having my senior thesis exhibition at Gallery 209, and after working in the gallery for three years, I feel nothing but prepared to set up and conduct my show."

Former gallery assistant, Bailey Mastin, agreed.

“Gallery 209 is an amazing space for students," Bastin said. "We all work together to mold the space into a new experience for the viewer. I don’t know what we would do without this outlet. It really builds community in the classroom.”

Furlong Gallery

The Furlong Gallery at UW-Stout exhibits both professional and student artwork, as well as regional, national, and international exhibitions. With two separate spaces, the gallery can stage two shows at once and has an average of five to nine exhibits per year.

The gallery is open to the public and welcomes thousands of visitors each year. Visitors often have the opportunity to meet exhibiting artists during receptions, artist talks, and critiques to student’s studios. Art and Design students benefit from the Furlong Gallery by viewing the wide range of works shown.

“But the Furlong is not just for art students,” said Professor Robert Atwell, gallery director. “All students benefit from the space. We have had English classes visit to observe and practice their creative writing skills. During Amy Fichter’s sabbatical photography exhibition of rare birds from the Bell Museum collection, biology students visited to view the work. Anthropology classes have visited, as well as area elementary and high school students on field trips.”

The Furlong Gallery has an art collection consisting of more than 1,000 pieces. Artwork may be checked out for display around campus. The collection can be seen in many spaces, even the Chancellor’s office.