Tech Tips Newsletter - Peer Feedback and Assessment

Editor: Shannon Mersand
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Peer Assessment and Review

Peer assessment and review provide powerful learning experiences and growth opportunities.

Peer Review of Student Assignments

Peer Assessment 
Cornell University provides a detailed guide that explains the why and how of peer assessment for student assignments.

Strategies for Peer and Self Assessment for Easier Feedback 
Adam Schoenbart provides a variety of strategies for getting students more involved in the feedback process.

Peer Assessment and Review 
Ros Smith provides a powerful rationale for using peer assessment, as well as links to research involving peer review and evaluation, and helpful tools.

Peer Feedback in the Workplace

How to Get the Feedback You Need 
Carolyn O'Hara discusses how to ask the right questions to promote the kinds of feedback needed to learn and grow.

6 Tips for Giving Feedback in the Workplace 
Amanda Augustine provides 6 helpful tips for providing constructive feedback. 

Tech Tip: Latest Tricks for Windows 10 and OS X El Capitan

45 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know to Master Windows 10 
Check out these 45 Tips and Tricks to make the most of your Windows 10 experience!

56 OS X El Capitan Tips and Tricks 
These 56 tips and tricks will have you sailing with El Capitan in no time! 

Featured Course

Meet your professional development goals for continuing education, license renewal or advanced certification.

EDUC 762 Assessment in E-learning 
3 graduate credits 

Improve efficiency and teaching effectiveness with hands-on practice using online assessment tools. Practice strategies to detect, document, and minimize plagiarism in the online classroom. Develop rubrics for evaluating achievement of learning objectives. Apply current research and technology tools such as concept maps, blogs, wikis, online surveys and e-portfolios to create authentic assessments.

Our Students Say…

"I found this class to be immensely gratifying, and I can honestly say that my mind is full with new ideas, new concepts and new ways to assess students that I either shrugged off as ‘it will never work’ or simply didn't think to consider.” 
~ Kristina Vines, Technical College Instructor/Program Chairperson Surgical Technology