Moving-In FAQs

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What is the Move-In Process?

For Fall August 24, 2024-September 1, 2024 (for students new at spring, please check your Stout email in December for more information)

UW-Stout has a weekly long move-in process where you drop off items and then return to campus for orientation.

A weeklong process allows for:

  • Flexibility for your schedule (we recognize everyone has different work schedules, end of summer plans, etc and want to provide multiple options)
  • Provides you time for room set up and to get any last-minute items you are missing or forgot
  • Exploration of your building, Stout and Menomonie
  • Reduced community congestion to help the day be low stress and laid back
  • You to be settled into your space and be able to return to campus to be focused on starting the year 

In early August you will be able to select a day and time during the fall drop off period, Saturday, August 24th - Sunday, September 1st  to move items in and set-up your room.  Directions on scheduling a move-in time will be emailed to your Stout email addresses in late July.  You can stay during the drop off time frame, however, most students leave campus and return for orientation Sunday, September 1st between 3-5pm (for students new to Stout) or start of classes (for returning students).  Meal plans are not active during fall drop off times.

You will arrive to Parking Lot 29 on the date and time you select. You will have one unloading space in front of your building for during your two-hour move-in time selected. Once unloaded or by the end of your move in time, you will move your vehicle to an approved parking lot.

When is move in?

The weeklong drop-off and move in process is Saturday, August 24th - Sunday, September 1st

Are move in times assigned?

You can select a date and time that works for your schedule from available times.  Times are available on a first come basis.  If you do not select a day and time we will assign you a day and time.

Can I change my move in time?

Yes, you may change your drop off time via the Housing Gateway. Times are available on a first come basis and time slots may fill up the closer to your drop off time appointment. 

Can I or do I need to move in the same time as my roommate?

You can coordinate with your roommate, and select the same move in date and time, however this is preference and not required.

When is the best time to pick?

Whatever is most ideal for your schedule, however Monday-Thursday have fewer students moving in and prior to 4pm you can also get your textbooks, campus ID (if you have not already gotten it) and/or check out campus buildings.

Will I have help moving my belongings up to my room?

Staff is available to assist you with the check-in process, parking for unloading and answering questions.  You are responsible for transporting your items from your vehicle to your room.

What if I have a parking pass?

If you purchased a parking pass, after your unload, you can park in the lot you purchased a pass for.

What items can I expect to be in my room when I arrive?

From the Residence Halls page, visit your hall's page and click on the Floor Information link for the specifics on what your room contains.

Items campus provides:

  • Laptop 
  • Textbooks
  • Fridge, freezer, microwave 
  • Twin XL bed and loft
  • Dresser and Closet
  • Desk and Desk Chair
  • Front Desk Services
  • Free black and white printing
  • Cooking equipment
  • Vacuum 
  • Tools
  • Games and more 

We provide a college student's necessities to live in a hall: an adjustable lofted bed with 13 different positions, a desk, a chair, a dresser, a garbage bin, a recycling bin, a closet and a shared micro-fridge. You can choose if you want a rug; however, the room is also carpeted.

What should I bring with me to campus?

Your room is your home! We encourage you to bring items with you that will make it just that. We suggest bringing items like a TV, couch/futon, small rug, room decorations (i.e. pictures, posters, plants), lighting and storage items.

Advice for packing the essentials:

  • Bedding (Twin XL)
  • Towels
  • Shower Sandals and Caddy
  • Toiletries and Medication 
  • Clothing
  • School Supplies
  • Room Decor

On the practical side, you'll want to bring extra-long twin sheets, towels, cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies and plates, bowls and eating utensils.  Futons & couches need to be less than 80 inches long to fit under your lofted bed.

An adjustable loft and micro-fridge are already in the room. Plus, the floor is carpeted from wall-to-wall.

What should I leave at home?

Candles, pets (other than fish), firearms, explosives, paraphernalia, cooking items with exposed elements (i.e. toasters, etc.).  Alcohol and/or empty containers are also against policy if you are under 21. 

Things not to bring:

  • Pets(fish are allowed)
  • Candles
  • Loud Sound Systems
  • Appliances with open heat elements
  • Toasters, toaster ovens
  • Firearms or other weapons

If you are wondering about an item, check with us before you arrive.

Is my stuff going to fit in my room?

You'll want to consider this and may want to hold off on purchases until your arrival. Most of our rooms are 11' x 15' and can accommodate a lot of stuff. But, it all depends on how much you have and how much your roommate plans to bring. Plan it out by visiting the room layout section for your hall. There you will find the average measurements of objects inside the room.  PLEASE NOTE: The measurements are an average and can vary somewhat in each hall.

Potentially shared items with roommate: 

  • Extra seating (Futons should be 80'' or less)
  • Box Fan
  • TV
  • Gaming consoles 

Futons/couches need to be less than 80 inches long to fit under the loft.

What insurance will I need when living on-campus?

Please investigate what coverage options your parent or guardian has available through their insurance company for property insurance. Many plans allow parents/guardians to extend coverage to items within your residence hall room for an additional fee.

Also, consider whether or not your parents/guardian's medical coverage is available to you. You can review Student Health Insurance options at Student Health Services.

International students, please review your options with the International Student Office at UW-Stout.

Can I get hardwired and wireless Internet services?

YES! Wireless access is available in all residence halls. Each room is also equipped with a hardwired Ethernet connection.

FUN FACT!  The wired connection in your room provides a direct connection versus sharing a wireless access point. If you are into gaming and/or other activities where significant amounts of transfer data is needed, you will probably want to bring an Ethernet cable to connect to the network.