Test-Taking Tips

for the CRC Exam
In this Section

Read the Question First (in most cases)cut out question marks
If the question is only one or two sentences, read the question first. If the question is long, read the answers first to get an idea of what to be looking for. 

Look for Keywords in the Question
Closely examine each question for details and keywords such as not, except, or select all that apply. These keywords can easily change your answer. 
Additionally, look for keywords within the question. For example, if the question is asking about counseling theories, make sure your answer includes a counseling theory. 

Look for "Negative" Keywords 
Typically incorrect answers will use absolute words such as all, never, always, none, only, every, require, etc. 

Eliminate Distractors
Answers that don't directly relate to the question are called distractors. This may sound like the correct answer but it won't actually answer the question or solve the problem. 

Answer All Questions
If you're stuck on one question, choose the most reasonable answer and move on. Make a list of these questions and go back to them. A question later in the exam may help you remember. Overthinking and changing too many answers might actually hurt you instead of help. Keep your first choice if you still are not sure about the answer.  

These are tips and general guidelines, not universal rules or a guarantee you will pass the exam. 

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