Research Day

Showcasing student, faculty, and staff research, creativity, and innovation and its impact on business, industry and the community
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Save the Date & Join Us at Stout

Research Day 2025 | Tuesday, May 6

Join the Chancellor, Provost, and other UW-Stout leadership to celebrate the work of students, faculty, and staff from all fields through research posters, exhibits, oral presentations, visual art and design displays, pitch competition, and award ceremony. Community members and business and industry partners are invited to learn more about the projects and how the research and creative works are enhancing and revolutionizing the way we live, work and understand the world. 

Research Day is just one in a series of spectacular end-of-year events comprising the Stout Spring Showcase, a multidisciplinary schedule of events celebrating career-focused applied learning and collaboration from the past academic year.

Event Schedule

The schedule will be announced in early 2025; however, a typical schedule involves these events:

  • WiSys Quick Pitch Competition: MSC Great Hall 
  • Oral Presentations: MSC Great Hall 
  • Posters & Exhibits: MSC Great Hall; Ballrooms, and Skylight Lounge 
  • Award Ceremony: MSC Great Hall 
Location & Parking


UW-Stout, 302 10th Ave E, Menomonie, WI 54751, Memorial Student Center (MSC)

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Parking Instructions

Find information on guest parking here. Lots 14, 18, 27 and 29 (shown here) are the nearest to the Memorial Student Center for guest parking. Parking before 4 pm requires payment in the meter; parking after 4 pm is free.

Past Projects & Awards

Research Day 2024

Outstanding Researchers of the Year

Faculty Outstanding Researchers 

Student Outstanding Researchers 

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher - College of Arts & Human Sciences: Genevieve Czaplewski (Nominated by Tina Lee) 
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher - College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Management: Olivier Charest (Nominated by Jennifer Grant) 
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Researcher - Graduate School: Brianna Capra (Nominated by Erik Evensen) 

Student Honorable Mention Awards

  • College of Arts & Human Sciences: Sarah Vicchiollo (Nominated by Keif Oss) 
  • College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Management: An Nguyen (Nominated by Nicole Hayes) 
  • Graduate School: Areeba Ali (Nominated by Pranabendu Mitra)

Research & Presenters

  • "Accelerated Aging Treatments of White Whiskey" (Emma Flemke & Nathan Reesman)
  • "Acoustic Trapping of Ultrasonic Frequencies" (Logan Hochstetler & Kan Sun)
  • "Affects of Stress on the Human Body" (Sarah Bickle, Erin Selvig & Faith Krick)
  • "Analyzing Serum Electrolyte Fluctuations: The Influence of Short-Term Dietary Changes on Sodium Concentration & Mineral Balance" (Brady Cunningham)
  • "Analyzing Urbanization of Northern Menomonie through Supervised & Unsupervised Classification" (Elizabeth Bartho, Juliette Dorn & Samuel Stinton)
  • "APSC-398 Applied Science Field Experience as a Patient Care Assistant" (Stephanie Zhong)
  • "Archimedes Screw Water Wheel Energy Generator" (Avery Turany, Mason Stoik, William Heilhecker & Zachary Holthaus)
  • "Assessing Woody Vegetation Data in a Riparian Ecosystem" (Brady Thomas & Melody Berg)
  • "Balanced Bites" (Ethan Draeger, Joseph Bliss, Adi Ambalam & Alex Thao)
  • "The Birkebeiner: America's Ski Marathon" (Jerry Poling)
  • "Blending Dark Green Vegetables with Fruits in Infant Foods (Green Giggle)" (Gayathri Medarametla, Pratima Jampani, Kiran Mai Adari, Laxmi Naga Mrudula Durbhakula & Narayana Moorthi Pachipala)
  • "Breastfeeding Knowledge & Attitudes of Wisconsin Child Care Employees" (Hannah Baumgart)
  • "Breastfeeding Language, Knowledge & Attitudes of Wisconsin Daycare Center Employees" (Lauren Couves & Hannah Baumgart)
  • "Breathing Life into Animation: Techniques for Creating Life-like Character Movement" (Zoe Cornwell)
  • "Brownian Motion & Smoke Chains" (James John & Joaquin Sabin)
  • "Building a Quantum Computer Emulator" (Nathan LaCrosse)
  • "Cambodia Rainwater Collation" (Drake Oren, Josiah Chuzles, Alex Wagner, Caleb Holicky & Terra Tvedt)
  • "Cambodia Water Filter" (Maksis Brimanis, Silas Wipf & Benjamin Dewitz)
  • "Cambodia: Built Environment-Ventilation" (Mallory Schmelzer, Halle Bruggeman, Logan Jahnke & Andrea Smith)
  • "Cambodian Irrigation Systems" (Isaac Moore, Karson  Meyer, Tristan Smith, Ashton Rankin, Elijah Sirek & Joei Hahn)
  • "Canned Beef Soup: A Savorer Dish with HACCP Consideration in Response to Research Outbreaks" (Apuroopa Medisetti)
  • "Carrot Juice HACCP" (Olivia Ellis)
  • "Changes in Chemical Properties of Surface Waters in Dunn County" (Madeline Candline, Riley Strobush, Bryanna Hoffman & Ana M.Q. Vande Linde, Ph.D)
  • "Chaos Theory in Electronic Circuits" (Joaquin Sabin)
  • "Chicken Soup Dumplings: A Gourmet Dish with HACCP Considerations in Response to Recent Outbreaks" (Parwez Anjum Shaik)
  • "Child's Sugar Sweetened Beverage Consumption in Relation to Parent's Nutrition Knowledge" (Madison Fredrickson)
  • "Clear View Exterior Care LLC – Home Restoration" (Aidan Shore, Brody Fox & Nick Jungel)
  • "Comparative Analysis of Zebrafish Tissue Processing Techniques" (Ethan Kalin & Natalie Mercill)
  • "Comparative Study on the Properties of Various Thickeners for Producing Plant-Based Meat Analogs (PBMA)" (Tejasri Vanga)
  • "Comparing the Effects of Restoration Age on Stream Ecosystems & Community Dynamics" (Casie Kopischke)
  • "Comprehensive HACCP Plan for Safe Peanut Butter Production" (Qiantao Pang)
  • "Consumer Perceptions Towards Sustainable Packaging Alternatives for Shredded Cheddar Cheese" (Sreeja Gade & Olivia Leipnitz)
  • "Designing for Delight Using Custom Controllers" (Karl Koehle)
  • "Designing Virtual 3D Environments to Contextualize Heritage Objects" (Amelia Moschkau)
  • "A Detailed Study on Developing the HACCP Plan for Chile Sauce" (Tejasri Vanga)
  • "A Detailed Study on Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points of Fresh Fish Fillet" (Gowtham Medikonda)
  • "A Detailed Study on Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points of Ready-to-Eat Spiced Deli Ham" (Sai Sri Mamillapalli)
  • "Detailed Study on the HACCP of Teriyaki Beef Jerky" (Sambasiva Rao Bandla)
  • "Developing a Physical Packaging Kit & Informational Module to Address Gaps in Medical Device Packaging Education in University Nursing Programs" (Greyson Hammer)
  • "Development & Evaluation of Pea Protein-Boosted Hazelnut Granola Bar" (Kiran Mane, Chaithanya Pidikiti, Harsha Vardhan Reddy Pashika, Samba Siva Rao Bandla & Venkata Ramana Ambadi)
  • "Development of Spice-Based Candy" (Neha Patil, Hari Kavya Kommineni, Parwez Anjum Shaik, Sri Harsha Lanka, Zubair Ahmed Mohammed)
  • "Digital Image Correlation of 2D Fluid Flow" (Gervase Thompson & Brendan  Pryor)
  • "Disordered Eating Behaviors Among College Students" (Meghan DuBois)
  • "A Door into Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy" (Anthony Plechacek and Luzando Mukubu)
  • "The Effect of Differing Music on the Brain" (Thomas Swallow)
  • "Effect of Strawberry Powder on Physiochemical, Textural & Sensory Properties of No-Added-Sugar Chewing Gum" (Areeba Ali, Prudhvi Sureddi, Akshar Sunilbhai Patel & Manikanta Yadlapalli)
  • "Effect of Trout Stream Restoration on Woody Vegetation Composition" (Jaylen Vaughn & Ethan  Adkins)
  • "Emotional Responses to Music Genres" (Stephanie Derks & Dana Linnell)
  • "Engineers Without Borders Design Challenge: Improving Road Conditions in Pu Ngaol, Cambodia" (Simon Lee, Sloan Horgan, Trevor Shore & Brian Macias-Garcia)
  • "Enhancing Food Safety & Quality: HACCP Implementation for Cheesecake Production" (Venkata Ramana Ambadi)
  • "Enhancing Food Safety in Ready-to-Eat Pork Products Through HACCP Implementation" (Yuzhang Wang)
  • "Enhancing Safety & Quality Assurance: HACCP Process Development for Canned Vegetable Soup" (Kavya Bangaru)
  • "Enhancing Safety & Quality Assurance: Implementation of a Comprehensive HACCP Plan for Frozen Cooked Beef Patties" (Priyanka  Shah)
  • "Ensuring Safety & Quality: Development of an Effective HACCP Plan for Roasted Pistachio Manufacturing" (Vraj Shah)
  • "Ensuring Water Security in Pu Ngaol: Overcoming Quality, Accessibility & Climate Resilience Challenges" (Ryder Bendixen, Tate Johnson & Leepheng Xiong)
  • "Environmental Factors Influence Mental Health" (Aliyah Anibas, Annabelle Howe, Savana Brandt & Eve Erickson)
  • "EWB International Design Challenge: Food Preservation Unit for Rural Pu Ngaol, Cambodia" (Connor Ziwisky, Hunter Stadler, Samuel Himes & Carter Robaidek)
  • "Examining Effectiveness of Nutrition Education in an After-School Healthy Habits Program in an Elementary School" (Casey Vagts & Jordyn Springer)
  • "Exploration of Protecting Groups for Coupling with 6-Aminopenicillanic Acid" (Ethan Hart, Riley Strobush & Kaito Thiede)
  • "Exploring 3D Modeling Techniques & Practices" (Nick King)
  • "Exploring Iron Distribution in Blood Components Using AA Spectrometer Analysis" (Ava Cinealis)
  • "Exploring the Relationship Between Carbohydrates & Its Sources with Fat-Related Indices Among College Students" (Aya Elmir)
  • "Feeling vs Thinking: Stout Student’s Conspiratorial Attitudes & Trust in Government" (Sean Gleason)
  • "Food Insecurity & Fruit/Vegetable Intake Among College Students" (Jessica  Barr)
  • "Food Insecurity Prevalence, Associations & Food Assistance Program Usage in College Students Attending a Midsize Rural University" (Sarah Brown)
  • "Fresh Fish Fillet HACCP Plan" (Andrew Wasilk)
  • "Fringe Media Consumption & Perceived Intelligence of the Opposite Gender: Are They Related?" (Genevieve Czaplewski)
  • "Generating Milk Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery" (Alia WIlson & Chaeyun Jung)
  • "Graphic Nonfiction for Eco-Educational Resource" (Brianna Capra)
  • "HACCP Analysis of Ready-to-Eat Chicken Fried Rice" (Nathan Reesman)
  • "HACCP of Canned Potatoes" (Ananthkumar Vepada, Hema Chandu Immadisetty, Ujwal Bollapally, Venkata Sanjeev Iraganaboina & Chandana Pakala)
  • "HACCP Plan for BBQ Sauce" (Akshay Makkapally)
  • "HACCP Plan for Canned Tuna" (Sree Kavya Anuganti)
  • "HACCP Plan for Canned Vegetable Soup" (Shivasruthi Aluvala)
  • "HACCP Plan for Canning in Tuna Fish" (Sai Kiran Somu)
  • "HACCP Plan for Chile Sauce" (Teja Davuluri)
  • "HACCP Plan for Fresh Ground Turkey" (Sanjuna Manthena)
  • "HACCP Plan for Frozen Cooked Beef Patties" (Mohanth Sri Sai Prudhvi Yeluri)
  • "HACCP Plan for Frozen Veggie Mix" (Srimukhi Margaret Vemavarapu)
  • "HACCP Plan for Italian-Style Charcuterie Meats" (Sri Harsha Lanka)
  • "HACCP Plan for Nutella Hazelnut Spread" (Mridini Upadhyay)
  • "HACCP Plan for Raw Milk Cheese" (Lainie Carlson)
  • "HACCP Plan for Raw Milk Cheese" (Sai Kiran Goli)
  • "HACCP Plan for Ready-to-Eat Chicken Fried Rice" (Harsha Vardhan Reddy  Pashika)
  • "HACCP Plan for Ready-To-Eat Chicken Meal" (Mabu Subani Shaik)
  • "HACCP Plan for Ready-to-Eat Chicken Meal" (Naveen Jakkala)
  • "HACCP Plan of Canned Potato" (Xinyi Du)
  • "HACCP Process Development for Ready-to-Eat Spiced Ham" (Shuyi Zhou)
  • "Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point of Yakult: A Probiotic Drink" (Elizabeth Her)
  • "Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point Process Development for Peanut Butter" (Jenikakumari B. Prajapati)
  • "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Plan for Parmesan Cheese" (Vishnu Priya Bodigundla)
  • "Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point for Cheese Cake" (Jayadeep Sai Sammeta)
  • "Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Process development for Honey Glazed Meatballs" (Cheshta Mamgain)
  • "HEAT WISE High-efficiency Energy Acquisition Thermometric Wood-to-Power Integrated Stove Electronics" (Hailey Warren, Kyle Burrows, Vivian Pham & Hayden Walters)
  • "The History of Native American Betterment in Wisconsin & Its Future" (Cade Hanson)
  • "How Concussions Affect Balance" (Ethan Kalin)
  • "Impact of Engineering in Waste Management System" (Shlok Patel, Alexander Such & Dylan Humboldt)
  • "The Impacts of Beaver Activity in Western Wisconsin on Class II Trout Streams & the Adjacent Riparian Wetland Over Time" (Oliver Cunningham and Hong An Nguyen)
  • "Implementing HACCP Plan in the Production of Pasteurized Carrot Juice" (Subani Shrestha)
  • "Indulgence In Experience: Kev’s Steakhouse – Where Quality Meets Affordability" (Minh Hoang Le)
  • "Influence of Diet Inflammatory Index on Body Composition & Distribution of Body Fat in First-Year College Students" (Daria Savchenkova)
  • "The Influence of Trust in Science & Political Leaning on Perceptions of Drinking Water Quality" (Genevieve Czaplewski)
  • "Italian-Style Charcuterie Meats" (Areef Shaik)
  • "Job Satisfaction" (Heidi Leopold, Paa Kwesi Cobbinah & Gabriel Marks)
  • "Kintsugi 3D Builder: User Experience Design & Implementation" (Zoe Cuthrell, Ian Anderson, Jacob Buelow, Luke Denney, Elliot Duffy, Augusto Freitas, Blane Suess, Isaac Tesch & Nathaniel Willius)
  • "Kintsugi 3D Viewer: User-Centric Design for Cultural Heritage Accessibility" (Isabel Smith, Tyler Betanski, Jacob Buelow & Victor Mondragon)
  • "L.B. Property Management" (Luke Blomberg)
  • "Landscaping Plan for Menomonie City Hall" (Emmanuel Diaz & Makayla Parkin)
  • "Legal Database Biases & Disparities" (Suzi  McLendon)
  • "Make It Mine: How Aesthetic Customization of Durable Medical Equipment Impacts Patient Autonomy" (Cara Jenquin & Fox Haring)
  • "Mechanical Chaotic Oscillator" (Bodhi Broderick & Nick Proctor)
  • "New Protecting Groups for the Synthesis of Mecillinam Analogs" (Olivia Mai & Danielle Hochstatter)
  • "A Novel Survey Approach: Rapid Response Measurement" (Alicia Stachowski)
  • "Observing Mie Light Scattering" (Sophie Gelhar & John Piper)
  • "Ownership & Evaluation of Creative Writing Compared to Science Communication Genres" (Justin Nicholes)
  • "Para-phenylenediamine Content of Henna, Tattoo Inks & Hair Dyes" (Kaito Thiede, Tyler McGinnis & Ana M.Q. Vande Linde, Ph.D)
  • "Perceived Ages and Attitudes of Slot Machine Users & Table Game Players" (James James)
  • "Peripherals to Aid in Waste Management" (William Rang, Hayden Hennessy, Asher Girnau, Ryan Furman & Roberto Marquez-Velazquez)
  • "Phase-Change-Integrated Window Frames for Building Energy Savings" (Kairos Logan)
  • "The Phoenix Apartments Project" (Elaina Blazei)
  • "Power to the Poor" (Lucas Traun, William Gruber, Trevor Kappel & Brett Palubicki)
  • "Promoting the Use of Virtual Reality Technologies in Adult Education" (Kyra Wilson)
  • "Protein Structures of Prion Disease" (Ava Cinealis)
  • "Purification of Monoclonal Antibody from Hybridoma Supernatant Using Protein A/G Affinity Chromatography & Comparing UV-Vis. Spectroscopy to Bradford Assay" (Gavin Robinson)
  • "Reasonableness of Christianity" (Jeremiah Hubbard)
  • "Relationship Between Following and Recognizing Hunger and Satiety Cues and Risk of Eating Disorders in Alumni & Active Sorority Members Across U.S. Universities" (Kayla Billman)
  • "Research and Development of Food Science & Technology Program" (Taejo Kim)
  • "Safe Skin: A Next-to-Skin Non-toxic Base Layer" (Nolan Baker, Mikayla  Obsuszt, Halle Sullivan & Bri Noble)
  • "Safe Water Storage for Pu Ngaol" (Gabriel Williams, Wes Peplinski, Treyton Zosel & Carson Tait)
  • "Self-Esteem & Self-Concept in Incarcerated Women" (Abbie Aasen)
  • "Simulating Electric Circuits Using Charge Carriers" (Emmett Jaakkola & Daniel Sinkovits)
  • "Single Photon Experiment" (Seth Gunderzik, Ryan Vue & Ulrik Larson)
  • "Smart Farming & Precision Agriculture" (Josh Pederson and Aidan Drew)
  • "Social Media & Body Image" (Anna Rose Nimz)
  • "Solar Powered Lighting & Energy Solution" (Mia Thomas, Rori Browning, Logan Robinson & William Strange)
  • "Solar Refrigeration" (Noah Heidorn, Dylan Alleman & Kevin Levasseur)
  • "Specularity and Cultural Heritage 3D Models" (Alexis Williams)
  • "Success, Efficiency & Delight in Course Planning" (Andrea White)
  • "Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)" (Tanner Hornung & Charles Girdeen)
  • "Synthesis of AB Ring Subunits of Riccardin C" (Everett Keim, Liam Callaci & Leah Eide)
  • "Synthesis of Urea Analogs of Mecillinam" (Gavin Robinson, Sophia Vranicar & David Evbayekha)
  • "Temporal Analysis of Toxin-Producing Cyanobacteria" (Ethan Kalin)
  • "Transportation Solution for Roads in Pu Ngaol, Cambodia" (Carly Kauffman, Rose Wille, Kaleb Kazmarek & Frankie Genereaux)
  • "Trends in Long-term Dissolved Oxygen in Midwestern Lakes in Response to Climate Change" (An Nguyen & Kal Breeden)
  • "The Truss Bridge" (Jake Kim, Austyn Kohls, Brayden Draheim, Carley Schmidt-Hamilton & Cheemeng Xiong)
  • "Urban Stream Corridor Restoration Effects on Sediment Loading" (Kal Breeden)
  • "Utilization of Cheese Industry By-Product Whey for Developing Probiotic Beverage" (Subani Shrestha, Kavya Bangaru, Mabu Subani Shaik, Harish Garapati & Gaurav Sandip Bhoknal)
  • "Vapor Phase Ethanol Production" (Zach Tarnowski, Blake Riddick, Isaac Langevin, Haluto Asakura & Sam Curtis)
  • "Variation in Macroinvertebrate Biotic Index, Phosphate & Habitat Quality across Streams in the Red Cedar River Watershed" (Michael Buss)
  • "Waste Compactor for the Community of Pu Ngaol" (Blake Milton, Caleb Whitney & Kaden  Martin)
  • "Water Engineering Design" (Sydney Birkholz, Soren Ingbretson, Nick Weber, Tim Wyandt & Aiden Rosemeyer)
  • "Water Filtration for a Village of Cambodia" (Blake Larson, Dawson Hager, Mitchell Johnson & Austin Shmidt)
  • "Will University Students Agree With Political Opinions Along Party Lines?" (Jack Brown)
  • "The Windstorm Elite Squadron's Windmill Project" (Jackson Zimmerman, Isaiah Steinfeldt, Jesse Steinbach-Mineau, Brodie Schwandt & Dylan Koenig)
  • "Workload & Motivation in the Post-COVID Workplace: Is Commitment the Connection?" (Hallie Krueger, Kate Sulzle & Alicia Stachowski)
Research Day 2023

Outstanding Researchers of the Year

Faculty Outstanding Researchers 

Student Outstanding Researchers 

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher - College of Arts & Human Sciences: Delaney Hoffman (Nominated by Keif Oss)
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher - College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Management: Joshua Rusnek (Nominated by Brian Teague)
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Researcher - Graduate School: Sadhana Thokachichu (Nominated by Pranabendu Mitra)

Student Honorable Mention Awards

  • College of Arts & Human Sciences: DJ Walker (Nominated by Tina Lee, Thomas Pearson, Chris Marshall)
  • College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Management: Britney Serafina (Nominated by Amanda Little)
  • Graduate School: Jonathan Alesch (Nominated by Erik Evensen)

Research & Presenters

  • "1991 COMAP Problem: Steiner Trees" (Jackson Feggestad, Peter Matern & Gabe Trebelhorn)
  • "A 3D Viewer for Virtual Heritage Objects with High Material Fidelity" (Noursene Drine, Alexis Williams & Victor Mondragon)
  • "Accessing Mental Health Services Across the Life Course: Barriers and Solutions" (Kacey King)
  • "Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and the Risk of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)" (Calista Berger)
  • "Analysis of Hydrocarbon and Additive Content in Petroleum Distillates Using Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry" (Tanner Thompson and Jonathan Frisch)
  • "Analysis of Unknown Beverages Using UHPLC" (Michael Baron, Emily Kopp & Jonathan Frisch)
  • "Antimicrobial and Anti-diabetic Properties of Plant Extracts of Picralima nitida & Momordica charantia in Diabetes-induced Rats." (Daniel Oyinloye)
  • "Antimicrobial Surfaces Fail to Kill Bacteria" (Rachel Younker, Logan Frischmann, Mareike Christianson & Brady Cunningham)
  • "Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Big Data in the Food Industry" (Tatiana Nasrallah, Jeevan Kumar Melmai, Gayathri Medarametlla, Narayana Moorthi Pachipala & Chandana Pakala)
  • "Aquaculture Solutions for Govan, Scotland Food Insecurity" (Braedon Pederson, Josiah Hansen, Sean Heerey & Jack Tomasovich)
  • "An Aquaponic System for the Memorial Student Center" (Rachel Henze & Owen Jelinek)
  • "The Association Between Frailty & Delayed Graft Function in Kidney Transplant Recipients" (Renae Stiers)
  • "Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Analysis of Lead & Cadmium Concentrations in the Soil Around the Starting Line of the Red Cedar Speedway" (Alex Grone, Ben R. Hecker & Jonathan Frisch)
  • "Attempting to Solve Transportation Availability in Govan Scotland" (Brett Bender, Adam Shoberg, Ethan Jonelis & Landen Gind)
  • "BMI & Future Fertility Perception" (Mikayla Otto)
  • "BMI, Age, Race & Nutrition Start Smart Class Attendance" (Chloe Kom)
  • "Built Environment- Affordable Homes for Govan" (Taylor Abramson, Ethan Anibas, Alex St John & Yuto Kikuchi)
  • "CAT Angling Products" (Tanner Epple, Caleb Tritch & Alex Ewing)
  • "Changes in Chemical Oxygen Demand of Surface Waters in Dunn County" (Kennadi Shumaker & Kaito Thiede)
  • "Characterization & Prediction of Sorption Isotherm Phenomenon of Brewers’ Spent Grain Fortified Extruded Cereal-Like Products using GAB Modeling" (Sadhana Thokachichu)
  • "Cheesy Booze: A Wisconsin Approach to Genetic Engineering" (Myles Chung & Gavin Robinson)
  • "Citric Acid Content of Shampo" (Jordan Kunze, Andrew Ujda, Emily Kopp & Jonathan Frisch)
  • "ClearCon Solutions: Concrete Washout Solutions for a Sustainable Future" (Brennan Kitchen, Joshua Taddeo & Jakob Leazott)
  • "Coded Badly: Representational Issues of Antagonists vs. Protagonists in Video Games" (Tyler Crotteau, Dr. Chelsea Lovejoy, Jacob Reid, Jillian Chaltry, Drake Nuzzo & Dr. Christina Shane-Simpson)
  • "Community Renewing Greenhouse" (Ian Medin, Logan Stillman & Joel Fraser)
  • "Compounds Exhaled in Vaping" (Sarah Mepham, Briana Riedesel & Jonathan Frisch)
  • "Consumer Acceptance on Cultured Meat & Plant-Based Vegan Meat: A Review" (Lathika Venugopalan, ReshaTandukar, Kamal Hasan, Manikanta Yadlapalli, Prudhvi Sureddi & TejasriVanga)
  • "The Cultivation & Fructification of Wood-Rotting Fungal Strains for the Uptake of Environmental Metals by Panellus Stipticus Mushrooms." (Joshua Rusnak)
  • "Customizable Art Box: “People-Centered” Care for Dementia Patients" (Rachel Sowinski with Ashley Burns & Brittney Dehnke)
  • "Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms & Phytoplankton Nutrient Limitation in a Pair of Hypereutrophic Reservoirs in the Red Cedar River Watershed" (Dylan Kostuch)
  • "Determinants of MSA-Level Employment & Wages" (Zach Helget)
  • "Determining Concentration of Zinc Oxide in Lotion Sunscreens Using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy" (Abigail Filipiak, Ashley Jacobson & Jonathan Frisch)
  • "Developing Edible Cutlery using Whole Wheat Flour, All-Purpose Flour & Rice Flour as an Alternative of Non-biodegradable Plastic Cutlery" (Kamal Hasan Shaik, Sambasiva Rao Bandla, Blais Hurst, Stephen Kwaku Aduboffour & Venkata Ramana Ambadi)
  • "Developing Edible Ice Cream Packaging Containers Using the Combinations of Flours of Wheat, Rice & Corn" (Priyanka Shah, Vraj Shah, Neha Patil, Akshar Patel & Kiran Mai Adari)
  • "Developing Edible Packaging Films Using Xanthan Gum & Glycerol Plasticizer as an Alternative of Plastic Films" (Narayana Moorthi Pachipala, Chaithanya Pidikiti, Chandana Pakala, Harsha Vardhan Reddy Pashika & Tatiana Nasrallah)
  • "Developing Vegan Yogurt Utilizing Plant-Based Milks from Soybean, Almond, Coconut, Quinoa & Pintobeans." (Resha Tandukar)
  • "Development and Evaluation of the Physicochemical & Sensory Properties of Milk-based Desserts from Animal & Plant-based Milk" (Stephen Kwaku Aduboffour, Tatiana Nasrallah, Sameera Banu Shaik)
  • "Development of Cranberry Pomace Fortified Active and Edible Packaging Films with a Blend of Potato Starch, Chitosan & Sorbitol" (Kiran Mane, Hari Kavya Kommineni, Jeevan Kumar Melmai, Manoj Maddipati & Gayathri Medarametla)
  • "Development of Value-added Breakfast Cereal-like Product Utilizing Brewery Industry Byproducts Using a Single Screw Extrusion Process" (Sadhana Thokachichu)
  • "Development of Vegan Meatballs using Various Plant-Based Proteins" (Amrutha Kilaru, Jeevan Kumar Melmai, Jhansi Badineedi, Rajesh Dangal & Kamalhasan Shaik)
  • "Different Applications of Root Hormone in Native Plant Propagation: Juniperus virginiana" (Madelyn Lisius, Susannah Eberhardt & Britney Serafina)
  • "Digital Enhancement to Wifi Capabilities" (Athul Rajesh, Alex Wolfe, Vinamra Tapadiya, Thomas Isenberger & Ali Ghasem)
  • "Digital Group Etech 100" (Thomas Isenberger, Vinamra Tapadiyav & Alex Wolfe)
  • "Discover NoSQL Database" (Mehdi Ben Hariz)
  • "Eating Behaviors of UW-Stout Students: Dietary Intake & Changes in Eating Behaviors After Starting College" (Gabrielle Grzona)
  • "Effect of Hot Air Oven Drying Temperature on Physicochemical & Textural Properties of Dried Apples" (Rajesh Dangal, Prativa Gaire, Jhansi Badineedi , Areeba Ali, Sai Siddharth Dasari, Sreeja Gade, Stephen Aduboffour & Blais Hurst)
  • "Effect of Plasticizer Glycerol on the Physicochemical & Migration Properties of Biodegradable Whey Protein 4Isolate Packaging Films" (Areeba Ali, Pratima Jampani, Prativa Gaire, Amrutha Kilaru & Hema Chandu Immadisetty)
  • "Effect of Storage Temperature, Packaging Materials & Chemical Pre-treatments on the Shelf-life of Fresh-Cut Apples" (Resha Tandukar, Parker Ward, Sameera Shaik, Pablo Sotomayor, Lathika Venugopalan, Manikanta Yadlapalli & Amrutha Kilaru)
  • "Effectiveness of Different Propagation Strategies in Sambucus Sp." (Brady Thomas, Jaylen Vaughn & Adam Waldusky)
  • "Effects of Rhamnus Cathartica on Tree Growth & Abundance in a Floodplain Forest" (Susannah Eberhardt & Madelyn Lisius)
  • "Effects of Salt Preservation Methods on the Microbiology of Sauerkraut" (Prativa Gaire, Sai Siddhardha Dasari, Parker Ward & Rajesh Dangal)
  • "Electric Vehicles: The Chariot to a Cleaner Earth" (Dylan Jaekel)
  • "Energy Crisis Solutions for Govan, Scotland" (Dylan Schmutzler, Zinab Almarhoon, Owen Moesch & Ethan Wolfinger)
  • "Engineering For People - Design Project Presenation - Food" (Ashton Smola, Paul Lambas, Brandon Brito & Hunter Scafe)
  • "Engineers Without Borders Built Environment Insulation Panels" (Isaiah Johnson, Austin Koerber, Eli Ross & Addie Evans)
  • "Enhancing Physicochemical, Textural and Sensory Properties of Peanut Snacks using Edible Coating & Hard Cookies as Primary Packaging" (Manikanta Yadlapalli & Tatiana Nasrallah)
  • "ETECH 100 - Digital" (Simon Iverson, Ian Sheetz & Ben Conzemius)
  • "ETECH 100 Transportation" (Ethan Jonelis, Adam Shoberg, Landen Gindt & Brett Bender)
  • "ETECH 110 Energy Group Project" (kyran luikens, Chandler Johnson, Tanner Rohrich & Garett Prestholdt)
  • "Ethnic Food Inventory System" (Cole Delwiche, Scott Hoeppner, Nicholas Adler, Samuel Edwards & Ben Reindl)
  • "An Evaluation of Vine Shoots as an Ecological Alternative to Oak in Wine Aging" (Blais Hurst)
  • "Exothermic Energy Solution" (Benjamin Gilkenson, Zachary Mickelson, Maya Van Hemert & Rudy Mattie)
  • "Exploration of protecting groups for the synthesis of Mecillinam-based chemical probes" (Talen Carlson, Myles Chung & Dylan Kostuch)
  • "Exploring Family Dynamics, Mental Health & Well-Being Among Former Foster College-Aged Youth" (Heather Dickrell)
  • "Field of Study Stereotypes: Are They a Reality?" (August Galeazzi)
  • "Food & Nutrition in Inflammatory Chronic Diseases" (Sahdeo Prasad)
  • "Generating Sudoku Puzzles" (Isaac Bergman, Ben Lamkin, Cullen Ring & Jack Zickrick)
  • "Govan Gloves Trolly Bike Transportation" (Logan Castaneda, Corey Most, Johnny Koehler & Scott Nolan)
  • "Govan Scotland Transportation" (Adam Shoberg, Ethan Jonelis, Landen Gindt & Brett Bende)
  • "Gratitude Journaling as a Tool for Stress Management" (Michael Bird & Kelly Beck)
  • "Greener Here Dual Mower Blade Attachment" (Colten Wilson, Caleb Lieffring, Ansen Nomm & Matt Denk)
  • "High Water Table Drainage System" (Campbell White, Samuel Kelling, Caleb Goetz & Riley Hibner)
  • "How Academic Discipline Can Effect Consumer Information-Seeking Behavior" (Matthew Sjerven)
  • "How Do Animals Affect the Mental Health of College Students?" (Abbey Graham)
  • "How Does Food Security Status Impact Dietary Patterns of College Students?" (Karis Jentink)
  • "How Does the Start of College Classes Affect Local Business Operations?" (Emma Nuechterlein)
  • "Hybridization of Lake Trout: Lean vs. Siscowet" (Sarah Mepham, Briana Riedesel, Alainnah Schmidt & Ava Cinealis)
  • "Identifiable Barriers to Healthy Eating in the Older Adult Population Living in 1–2-Person Households" (Anna Hall)
  • "Impact of HTK Class on Clinical Outcomes of Veterans with Diabetes" (Kaylee Flatoff)
  • "Impact of Personal Care Products on Tensile Strength & Structure of Hair" (Jordan Kunze)
  • "Influence of Nutrition Education Classes for Middle and High School Students on Motivation to Eat Healthy & Healthy Eating Behaviors" (Margo Roberts)
  • "Influences on Career Selection" (Diane Klemme)
  • "Investigating the Success of Different Propagation Techniques for Gooseberry Plant Cuttings (Ribes sp.)" (Kal Breeden, Halle Maki-Waller & Isaiah Draeger)
  • "Investigation of Ester/Nitrile Condensation for Synthesis of Citrulline Chemical Probes" (Mikayla Cox, Alex Grone & Ben Hecker)
  • "Is it Still Necessary? Stout Students’ Responses to the Covid-19 Vaccine" (Daniel Walker)
  • "Keeping Them Honest: Examining the Ascorbic Acid Content of Vitamin C Tablets" (Kennadi Shumaker)
  • "Land Use & Conservation Practices Affect Stream Water Quality in the Red Cedar Watershed" (Britney Serafina)
  • "Let Women in Games Have Muscles: Examination of Body Type in Video Games" (Jillian Chaltry, Dr. Chelsea Lovejoy , Drake Nuzzo, Jacob Reid, Tyler Crotteau & Dr. Christina Shane-Simpson)
  • "The Long-Term Effects of Sports-Related Concussions on Balance" (Madeline Olson)
  • "Long-Term Efficacy & Stability of Trout Stream Habitat Restoration in the Red Cedar River Watershed" (Kal Breede)
  • "Mapping Background Ionizing Radiation: A Baseline for Menomonie, WI" (Lacie Peltier, Britney Serafina & Sophia Stevens)
  • "Microscale Synthesis of Fusible Alloys & Low-Melting-Point Metallic Nanoparticles" (Junaid Hasan & Farhang Esmaeili)
  • "Modeling the Opioid Crisis" (Turner Rademacher, Avery Wenzel & Audey Williams)
  • "Modular Homes" (Riley Fritz, Will Kokoruz & Luke Kriesel)
  • "Monstrous Fantasy vs. Humanizing Reality: Mental Health Representations in Videogames" (Drake Nuzzo, Dr. Chelsea Lovejoy, Jacob Reid, Jillian Chaltry, Tyler Crotteau & Dr. Christina Shane-Simpson)
  • "Motion Detected Lights for Govan" (Colter Feddersen, Gabe Felix & Jackson Noard)
  • "Motivations for Voting with an Emphasis on Rural Communities Within Swing States" (Genevieve Czaplewski)
  • "Mushroom Cushion Design & Evaluation for Heavy Electronics Equipment Packaging" (Jack AmesRupert & Lynnae Torgerud)
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  • "Optimization of Banana Flour Cookie Formulations Based on Physicochemical Properties Using Response Surface Methodology" (Daniel Oyinloye & Adeleke Osho)
  • "Optimization of By-product Cranberry Pomace Fortification in Gluten & Dairy-Free Cupcake Formulations based on Physicochemical, Textural and Sensory Properties" (HongdiLi & Elizabeth Her)
  • "Optimization of Plasticizer Glycerol & Sorbitol for Developing Biodegradable Packaging Films using the Blends of Seaweed Extract, Tapioca Starch and Ginger Extract" (Lathika Venugopalan, Kavya Bangaru, Parker Ward, Manikanta Yadlapalli, Prudhvi Sureddi & Tejasri Vanga)
  • "Optimization of Plasticizer Glycerol Content on the Physicochemical & Migration Properties of Biodegradable Tapioca Starch Packaging Films" (Sreeja Gade, Rajesh Dangal, Sai Siddhardha Dasari, Resha Tandukar & Laxmi Durbhakula)
  • "Optimization of Rheological Properties of Paste Utilizing Plant Based Proteins for 3D Printing" (Pablo Sotomayor, Lathika Venugopalan, Monik Ruparel & Manoj Maddipati)
  • "Optimization of Single Screw Extrusion Processing Variables on the Physicochemical Properties of Brewer’s Spent Grain Fortified Soy Flour & Rice Flour Blend Extruded Cereal/Snacks" (Rajesh Dangal)
  • "Party Fever" (Carli Capistrant, Reem Emerson & Cameryn Steder)
  • "Predictable Patterns in Sports Journalism Headlines: Can AI Replicate the Expected Structure & Tone?" (Broderick Frye)
  • "Processing & Quality Evaluation of Fruits Flavored Soy-Yogurt: A Review" (Rajesh Dangal, Kavya Bangaru, Sambasiva Rao Bandla, Venkata Ramana Ambadi & Kiran Mai Adari)
  • "Propagation of Sugar Maples" (Melody Berg, Casie Kopischke & Bailey Ewing)
  • "Protect Your GPA From COVID-19: The Power of Grit & Resilience" (Michael Wilson)
  • "Rainwater Storage & Filtration Systems for Govan, Scotland" (Connor Edlund, Gabriel Laus, Luke Clements & Waylon Lange)
  • "Red Cedar Corridor Management Proposal" (Susannah Eberhardt)
  • "The Relationship Between Antioxidants & Asthma Symptoms" (Samantha Riebe)
  • "The Relationship Between Diet and Arthritis Disease Activity & Symptoms" (Hope Quilling)
  • "A Review on Applications of 3D Printing Technology in Food Processing" (Hema Chandu Immadisetty, Mrudula Laxmi Durbhakula, Prativa Gaire, Sai Siddhardha Dasari & Sreeja Gade)
  • "A Review on Isolation, Modification & Characterization of Taro (Colocasia Esculenta) Starch" (Hari Kavya Kommineni, Amrutha Kilaru, Pratima Jampani, Manoj Maddipati, Kiran Mane & Parker Ward)
  • "A Review on Quality Characteristics of Value Added Pasta Products" (Vraj Shah, Akshar Patel, Neha Patil, Priyanka Shah, Harsha Vardhan Reddy Pashika & Chaithanya Pidikiti)
  • "Router of Tomorrow" (Cole Zenk, Mateo Meza-Melendez, Chayton Pryor & Kyle Defoe)
  • "Saving Golden Lion Tamarins One Nucleotide at a Time" (Anna Brooks & Spencer Jarvey)
  • "Screen Time & Oral Intake in School-Aged Children" (Maddalyn Bates)
  • "Sequencing of the Crystal Darter (Crystallaria Asprella) to Target Cytochrome b & Its Effects on the Endangered Species" (Talen Carlson, Abigail Filipiak, Alexander Grone & Ashley Jacobson)
  • "The Shack - Indoor Athletic Training Facility" (Cooper Beving, TJ Carlson, JD Bates & Will Hammen)
  • "Simulation of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation" (Ryan Ungerleider)
  • "Social Skill Development in Preschool Children: A Comparison of Two Curriculum Models" (Lindsay Barnhart)
  • "Spring 2023 Co-op Experience – Nestlé Health Science: Quality Laboratory Technician" (Allison Hoffer & Brooke Odegard)
  • "Stout Votes?" (Sean Gleason)
  • "Stoutward Bound Evaluation" (Kate Sulzle, Sneha Vuttarapally, Khalid Alzahrani & Hallie Krueger)
  • "Student Development of Equity Diversity Inclusion Workshop" (Ariana Enciso)
  • "Synthesis of Urea Analogs of Mecillinam" (Kea Gustavus, Dani Hochstatter & Olivia Mai)
  • "Take 5: The Effect of 5-Minute Breaks on Cognitive Performance & Affect – MPA Conference" (Madisen Hullander)
  • "Transportation 003" (Tyler Schwarting, Dawson Green, Brett Buckman & tirtha kc)
  • "Twin Green Hydroponic Farm" (Jack Harrington, Cameron Kohler & Olivia Sisson)
  • "Under-Ice Light and Nutrient Limitation of Attached Primary Producers & phytoplankton" (Hong An Nguyen)
  • "Vectorized Velociraptors: Mathematically Modeling Prehistoric Hunting" (Noah Royce & Drew Boney)
  • "Whole Genomic Sequencing on Bioluminescent Fungal Species Panellus Stipticus" (Joshua Rusnak)
  • "Whole-Genome Sequencing & Genomic Analysis of a Virulent Bacteriophage Infecting Providencia stuartii Bacteria" (Joshua Rusnak)
  • "Wind Turbine" (Ethan West, Mason Miller, Connor Nienhaus & Ethan White)
  • "Workplace Motivation" (Hallie Krueger, Kate Sulzle, Khalid Alzahrani, Kaylee Sutliff & Sneha Vuttarapally)
  • "X Factor Legal" (Grant Magnuson, Jack Helseth, Trenton Klabon & John Hess)
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Forty-four food science students present plans to prevent food contamination, illness Featured Image

Forty-four food science students present plans to prevent food contamination, illness

Students present Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point plans at Research Day, prepare for careers in quality assurance in food industry
Eighty-six engineering students work to improve quality of life for people in rural Cambodia Featured Image

Eighty-six engineering students work to improve quality of life for people in rural Cambodia

Cross-disciplinary teams present prototypes at Research Day, Engineers Without Borders' U.S. Grand Finals design challenge
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UW-Stout Spring Showcase: Experience what the Polytechnic Advantage is all about

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