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We're Stout Proud... For a Reason

UW-Stout is one of only 125 polytechnic universities in the United States, and like our polytechnic peers, our curriculum provides a combination of practice and theory that is highly sought after in the workforce. That's how we consistently achieve our 98.4% employment rate.


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We offer over 45 undergraduate and 20 graduate degrees, many of which are unique to Stout or are not offered elsewhere in the Midwest.

All of our majors are grouped into six career clusters to help you navigate your path. Or, you can also use our program search to select a delivery format or browse options by degree type. But if you still aren’t certain about which path to choose when you come to Stout, don’t worry! We have the resources available to help guide you.

Undergraduate Degrees

B.F.A. Animation & Digital Media (On-Campus)

B.S. Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (On-Campus)

B.S. Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (On-Campus)

B.S. Applied Science (On-Campus)

B.S. Applied Social Science (On-Campus)

B.S. Art Education (On-Campus)

B.S. Arts Administration and Entrepreneurship (On-Campus)

B.S. Business Administration (On-Campus)

B.S. Career, Technical Education and Training (Online)

B.S. Computer and Electrical Engineering (On-Campus)

B.S. Computer Networking and Information Technology  (On-Campus)

B.S. Computer Science (On-Campus)

B.S. Construction (On-Campus)

B.S. Criminal Justice and Rehabilitation (On-Campus)

B.S. Cybersecurity (On-campus or Online)

B.S. Dietetics (On-Campus)

B.S. Digital Marketing Technology (On-Campus or Online)

B.S. Early Childhood Education (On-Campus or Online)

B.S. Engineering Technology (On-Campus)

B.S. Environmental Science (On-Campus)

B.S. Family and Consumer Sciences Education (On-Campus or Online)

B.S. Fashion and Retail (On-Campus)

B.S. Food Science and Technology (On-Campus)

B.F.A. Game Design and Development - Art (On-Campus)

B.S. Golf Enterprise Management (On-Campus)

B.S. Graphic Communications (On-Campus)*

B.F.A. Graphic Design and Interactive Media (On-Campus)

B.S. Health, Wellness and Fitness (On-Campus)

B.S. Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management (On-Campus or Online)

B.S. Human Development and Family Studies (On-Campus or Online)

B.S. Individualized Studies (Online)

B.F.A. Industrial Design (On-Campus)

B.S. Information and Communication Technologies (On-Campus or Online)

B.F.A. Interior Design (On-Campus)

B.S. Management (Online)

B.S. Manufacturing Engineering (On-Campus)

B.S. Marketing and Business Education (On-Campus or Online/Hybrid)

B.S. Mechanical Engineering (On-Campus)

B.S. Packaging (On-Campus)

B.S. Plastics Engineering (On-Campus)

B.S. Professional Communication and Emerging Media (On-Campus)

B.S. Psychology (On-Campus or Online)

B.S. Real Estate Property Management (On-Campus)

B.S. Rehabilitation Services (On-Campus)

B.S. Special Education (On-Campus or Online)

B.F.A. Studio Art (On-Campus)

B.S. Supply Chain Management (On-Campus)

B.S. Technology Education (On-Campus or Online)

B.S. Video Production (On-Campus)

*Admission to this program has been suspended.


Teaching minors indicated below with an asterisk (*), are state-approved programs for teacher certification for teaching at the secondary and/or elementary level.  

It is redundant to declare a major and a minor/concentration in the same field, and therefore not permitted. Please reference the Minors Matrix PDF document to verify whether a particular minor or concentration is not permitted with your selected major and/or concentration.


Pre-Professional Programs

Health Science Pre-Professional

UW-Stout's health sciences programs offer courses that fulfill the requirements of professional study in the highly competitive health science fields. The following Bachelor of Science degrees can assist you in reaching your goal:

The following study areas are available:

  • Pre-Chiropractic
  • Pre-Dentistry
  • Pre-Medicine
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy
  • Pre-Optometry
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Pre-Physician's Assistant
  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Our pre-professional advisors will help you plan ahead to show high academic achievement, prepare for entrance exams, and build a strong application to the graduate or professional school of your choice.

View a comprehensive list for pre-professional students of valuable links to Health Sciences professional organizations.

As soon as possible, you should determine the entrance requirements of the school of your choice to help plan a specific preprofessional program for eventual credit transfer.

For additional pre-professional information, please email:

Law Pre-Professional

UW-Stout's B.S. degrees in Applied Social Sciences, Business Administration, Human Development and Family Studies, or Psychology can prepare you to apply to law schools when following recommended coursework.

There is no single set of courses which specifically prepares someone for law school and a subsequent legal career. The Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools encourages pre-law students “to fill your undergraduate curriculum with broad, diverse, and challenging courses.” UW-Stout’s general education requirements provide students with an opportunity to take such classes during their freshman and sophomore years.

For additional pre-law information, contact:

Dr. Tina Lee
Associate Professor and Applied Social Science Program Director
Social Science Department

Phone: 715-232-1100


So Much More Than a Degree

In addition our exceptional academic offerings, as a member of the Stout community, you’ll have access to a wealth of other opportunities such as paid internships and career guidance, as well as a fulfilling student life experience.