eStout Program: Hardware and Software

A variety of hardware and software are included in the eStout Laptop Program and provided to every student.
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eStout Laptops

UW-Stout assures that each eligible eStout student will always be assigned a laptop computer that is no more than two years old. Students may receive a year-old computer. Stout strives to use existing inventory in order to be fiscally and environmentally responsible. Year-old computers are in excellent condition and priority will be given to potential graduates to minimize the inconvenience of swapping for the laptop transfer program, and to ensure they have support through the Technology Help Desk for their laptop prior to graduation.

What type of laptop is available to me?

Most students receive a Windows HP laptop while some students receive an Apple laptop. The computer platform provided to students is determined by faculty and councils to meet the educational needs of students. Currently, students in the following majors receive an Apple laptop: Art (excluding Industrial Design, Interior Design and Game Design), Art Education, Graphic Communications, and Professional Communication and Emerging Media. All other majors, as well as undecided and special students, receive a PC. Students with double majors who are enrolled in both a major that is Windows-based and a major that Apple-based will be issued an Apple laptop.

Hardware Configurations

Two-year-old computers are offered at no additional charge to officially graduating students who meet specified criteria.

Accessory Lists

HP Laptops

  • AC power adapter
  • AC power cord

Apple Laptops

  • AC power adapter (block)
  • AC power plug (duckbill)
  • USB C power cord


What software is available and how do I get it?

eStout students have access to a wide selection of up-to-date software. Beginning with the 2019 image, Office365 is installed on all laptops and additional software can be downloaded from the Company Portal (HP) and Managed Software Center (Apple).  Students who have laptops with an older image (prior to the Fall of 2019) are welcome to come to the Technology Help Desk to have their laptop reimaged.  This will allow them to download the newest version of many software titles.

You can find more information about accessing software on our KnowledgeBase Article:  Installing Software on Student Laptops

UW-Stout uses KeyServer, which allows us to share software licenses and significantly reduce costs by placing the number of licensed copies of software packages in a central pool to be used from anywhere on the campus network or off-campus through VPN. There is no noticeable response time difference between keyed and non-keyed applications. Each keyed software package resides on the computer's local hard drive.

Please remember that when using Keyserved software, the user is required to either be on campus or connected via VPN.


Each fall the operating system and software for student laptops, known as the "image" is updated. Every spring we develop the eStout image for the new student laptops. The year-old laptops in the hands of students can be loaded with the newest image at the Technology Helpdesk.

Please visit the Technology Helpdesk's Knowledgebase for current and anticipated laptop image information.