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Need technology on the job?

At UW-Stout MOC, outfitting your company with the right business and manufacturing technology always starts with one critical step: we listen. We're tuned in when you tell us you need technology to increase efficiency, ramp up quality, improve communication, reduce waste, and move shipments out the door. We know the finer points of your operation and your goals because we take the time to hear you first.

We'll tackle it.

That's when we start searching for technology solutions. Our exhaustive primary and secondary research saves you the time and effort of sorting through possibilities, verifying product claims, and eliminating less-than-ideal options. You don't have to tackle technology alone. Put UW-Stout MOC's extensive research experience and technology skills to work.

Talk to the technology solution experts at UW-Stout MOC.


Bending Branches, LLC weighs potential technology solutions

Bending Branches, LLC opted to update and improve one of its production lines in late 2014 and turned to UW-Stout Manufacturing Outreach Center for help.
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UW-Stout MOC left no stone unturned, opening doors and giving us options that we'd never considered.
Greg Smith, Owner Tomahawk Live Trap

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Governor of Kenyan metro area to give presentation Nov. 4

The governor of one of the largest metropolitan areas in Kenya will give a presentation Monday, Nov. 4, at UW-Stout.

Personal finance, Shaken Baby Syndrome part of education conference

A speaker discussing personal finance and a training event for Shaken Baby Syndrome are part of the annual Family and Consumer Sciences Education Conference.

Cardinal LG Amery applying "trim-free" technology - boosts quality, productivity and workforce.

Cardinal LG Production Planning Manager Barb Goodlet asked UW-Stout Manufacturing Outreach Center (MOC) to help the company identify sources of defects.