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Where we embrace your curiosity to help you get the most out of your college experience
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The Honors College at the University of Wisconsin-Stout offers innovative courses that go further in depth, provide opportunities to get outside the classroom, and emphasize discussion. 

Our program includes academic opportunities to complement your undergraduate education, regardless of your major and career goals.  If you're curious and want to get the most out of your college experience, challenge yourself, and have a supportive community of friends and mentors to help you along the way, then Honors College is probably the place for you!  

Students who join Honors come from every major, our Honors curriculum is designed to enrich your educational experience, foster more in-depth learning, and help you become a more creative thinker and leader.

40+ courses for you to choose from

A supportive community of motivated students provides a small college feel within the larger University / contributed photo
"I joined Honors because I wanted to learn in a creative, inclusive, and inspiring environment."
Megan Hondl B.S. Applied Social Science
Q&A with Megan

550+ current Honors College students 

Our University prides itself in producing highly skilled and marketable graduates, and the Honors College supplements the career-focused mission of the university, helping you learn to take intellectual risks and work with others to solve local and global problems. You can chart new career paths and find your place in a broader world.

UW-Stout’s Honors College began as the University Honors Program in 1994 and has since grown to serve over 550 students today. We are one of only two Honors Colleges within the University of Wisconsin System.



$60,000 in Honors scholarships are awarded each year to our students.
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15 scholarships are available each year for a total package of $4,000 per awardee. This is a competitive $1,000 scholarship for select freshmen entering the Honors College and is renewable for four years, contingent on maintaining good standing in Honors.  Further information, deadlines, and application materials can be found on the University Foundation Scholarships page.

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As a business administration major at University of Wisconsin-Stout, Dylan Pass is looking forward to a career either in sales or management.
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Honors Advisory Board

2018 Honors Advisory Board

  • Chris Ferguson, Director
  • Mark Fenton, Business Administration Program Director, STEMM
  • Tom Pearson, Assistant Director, Social Sciences, ACHSS
  • Daphne Daughtry, Research Services
  • Amanda Little, Biology, STEMM
  • Brian McAlister, School of Education, EHHHS
  • Mark Parsons, Vice Chancellor, University Advancement
  • Jeff Valbusch, Director, Honors Program, UW-EC
  • Patrick Guilfoile, Provost
  • Madison Olson, UW-Stout Alum. Prevention Coordinator, Arbor Place, Menomonie, WI
  • Anna Danielson, UW-Stout Alum. Graphic Designer, Bill's Distributing, Menomonie, WI
  • Nick Werner, Computer Engineer, UW-Stout Alum
  • Bob Salt, Representative for CEHHHS

Student Representatives 

  • Lucas Feldkamp
  • Kimberly Kadlec