Lifelong Learning

UW-Stout enriches lives, both personally and professionally, with hands-on education and abundant learning opportunities.
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At UW-Stout, we believe the pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong rewarding endeavor. Learning, at any age, profoundly impacts your quality of life by enabling personal and professional growth, boosting health and longevity, improving socialization, and promoting prosperity.

We're dedicated to empowering you with learning opportunities in business, education, leadership, rehabilitation, and more - each designed to foster your success.

Are you a lifelong learner? Continue reading this section to find your next enrichment opportunity with UW-Stout. 

University’s online academic programs receive recognition

The online academic program offerings, including two in particular, at University of Wisconsin-Stout have been recognized by national ranking organizations.
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We used an exercise we learned on safety this week that was a huge success with our people.
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