M.S. Construction Management

Do you want to refine your skills in sustainable construction, project planning, budget management, risk and hazard management?
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UW-Stout’s Master of Science in Construction Management (MS CM) is a career-focused degree. Our program will help further your career if you have a construction-related degree and five or more years of experience. We’ve designed our curriculum to help you solve real-world problems in the construction industry. The standard tuition rate is for all students across the country. You can begin the program at any time of the year.

Our 100% online program is designed to fit your busy schedule, allowing you to complete courses at your pace. / UW-Stout

The M.S. Construction Management program is an MBA alternative for construction professionals. The program will prepare you for upper-level construction management positions. Our industry-experienced faculty integrates applied learning, scientific theory, humanistic understanding, creativity, and research with a focus on:

  • Critical thinking and creativity in problem-solving and decision making in construction
  • Effective and professional oral and written communications through the use of information and communication technology
  • Principles of leadership in business and management including advanced construction management practices, complex project decision making, and associated risk management
  • Professional ethics including application to construction situations and choices

These objectives are in alignment with the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) Master’s program learning outcome requirements.


Program Overview

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Our core curriculum allows you to select a combination of courses to meet your career goals. The program requires 30 hours of graduate credits, consisting of seven 3-credit courses and a 3-credit course in research methodology. The industry-specific courses include new and expanding areas of construction:

  • Sustainable construction, supply chain management and water management
  • Building codes, regulations and architectural preservation
  • Construction logistics, project planning and project delivery systems
  • Construction strategy, economics, finance and succession planning
  • Occupational risk control and safety
  • Six Sigma quality improvement and lean enterprise
  • Organization development and corporate social responsibility
  • Waste management and resource recovery

You chose your final research assessment project, either a 6-credit thesis or a 3-credit research paper. Your final assessment will result in a deliverable construction industry solution or product.

100% of coursework is online - Work around your schedule.

If your goal is a management career in residential, commercial and industrial construction – this is the right program for you. We'll teach you how to increase your capacity to grow the economy and serve the built environment industry. Take your career to the next level.

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Tuition & Fees

Customized Instruction at UW Stout can be described as programs that are designed with the adult learner in mind. If you're comparing UW-Stout's customized instruction tuition to our competitors, keep in mind:

  • $590 per graduate creditcustomized instruction tuition rate includes the textbook rental fee.
  • There are no additional university-based semester or technology fees.
  • Students in customized instruction programs pay the same rate of tuition regardless if Wisconsin residents, out-of-state or international participants.

Value for Your Money

There’s more to value than just tuition. UW Stout also provides:

  • Program Director – faculty with discipline expertise.
  • Student Services adviser – one point of contact, providing support to students for each program.
  • Course sequences and matrices – know what courses are offered when so you can plan ahead.
  • Courses and programs may be stackable for use in another program.
  • Courses are flexible and convenient for working professionals.

Other universities will present costs and value differently - make sure you're comparing apples to apples.

Admission Requirements

General UW-Stout Graduate School Application

All prospective graduate students at UW-Stout must follow a standard application process through our Graduate School. Beyond that, each graduate program has specific requirements that must be met to be successfully admitted to the program:

Program-Specific Admission Requirements


To be admitted to this program, you must:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in construction or a construction-related field from an accredited institution.
  • Have earned a GPA of at least 3.0.
  • Demonstrated experience in the discipline as evidenced by a resume. 

Those with a non-construction-related degree may be considered for admission to the program upon completing one of the three following conditions: 

  • Prerequisite coursework in the following content areas: Environmental Systems-HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing, Advanced Construction Estimating, Management of Construction, and Legal Aspects of Construction, with a grade of “B” or better. Applicants who are denied admission due to deficiencies in these prerequisites will be advised that the courses can be taken at UW-Stout as a special non-degree student but this will not guarantee admission into the graduate program. The undergraduate deficiency courses can also be taken at any regionally accredited degree-granting institution.
  • Evidence of equivalent courses/professional knowledge.
  • Proof of an American Institute of Constructors Certification at the Associate Constructor (Level 1) or the Certified Constructor (Level 2).

Program Application

To successfully apply to the program, please submit your resume and proof of certification to the Program Director.

MSCM Advisory Committee

2019-2020 MSCM Advisory Committee

Robb Altendorf Senior Project Manager M.A. Mortenson Company
Chuck Bomar Dean, CSTEMM UW-Stout
Jim Bunkelman President/CEO Royal Construction, Inc.
Calvin Chen Program Director UW-Stout
John Dzissah Department Chair, Operations and Management Department UW-Stout
Brian Finder Program Director, M.S. Risk Control UW-Stout
John Heck Executive Vice President and General Manager, National Power and Industrial Boldt
Rochelle Isaacson Executive Assistant Boldt
Theresa Lehman Director of Sustainable Services Miron-Construction Co.
Gindy Neidermyer Program Director, B.S. Construction and Associate Dean, CSTEMM UW-Stout
Mitchell Spencer Professor Emeritus UW-Stout, Construction
Hans Timper Professor Emeritus UW-Stout, Construction
Jim Trader Senior Vice President / Director of Construction Risk Management AON Risk Services