Digital Marketing Minor

A unique educational experience for students who want to excel in the digital world of business.
Degree Type Minor
Careers & Salaries Career Outcomes
Delivery On Campus or Online

The Digital Marketing minor is designed to give you a competitive advantage with the skills needed to compete in the fast-changing business world where most companies are using technology to reach their consumers. This competitive advantage gained by digital marketing skills enables you to hit the ground running in your dream job.


  • Understanding of how digital technology is shaping the marketing of products and services.
  • Awareness of technology relative to electronic business and the adaptability of technology towards marketing innovations.
  • Proficiency in marketing using digital technology.
  • Exhibit knowledge in data management and the application of data management to inform decision-making for an organization.
  • Expertise and skills in producing, testing and evaluating a standards-based website.
  • Show skills that exhibit an understanding of online content attributes, able to use search engine advertising tools and processes, and apply metrics to analyze a digital marketing strategy with the intent of improving performance and return on investment.

Incorporated in the program are the studies of business administration, marketing, issues related to digital technology, and information and communication technology skills. Technical report writing, data analysis, interpersonal communication, and experimental design are stressed across the curriculum.


Minor Requirements

Minors are defined as either "studies in the discipline" or as “teaching.”



When Choosing a Minor

It is redundant to declare a major and a minor or concentration in the same field, and therefore not permitted. Use the table below to verify whether a particular minor or concentration is not permitted with your major and/or concentration.

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