B.S. Individualized Studies

Advance your career by completing a bachelor's degree personalized for you and your professional needs.
Degree Type Bachelor of Science
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Whether you want to enhance the work you are doing or prepare for future career goals, your Individualized Studies degree will give you the knowledge and experience you need to take your career to the next level. 

UW-Stout's Bachelor of Science in Individualized Studies (BS IS) allows returning adults, transfer, and reentry students to leverage the academic strength and framework of Stout's online customized instruction (CI) programs as a path to complete their degree and advance their careers. Your custom bachelor's degree will be built on what you have already learned and accomplished in school, work, and life. 

The student-focused curriculum integrates college credits and prior life experiences with relevant coursework and rigorous hands-on experiences across multiple disciplines. Our degree-completion program is designed to encourage creativity and allow you to pursue vocational goals outside of a discipline-specific major.


  • Demonstrate the application of skills with identified professional and academic goals.
  • Advance communication and critical thinking skills through research and real-world problem-solving.
  • Synthesize prior knowledge and skills from multidisciplinary fields to communicate and achieve career goals.
  • Apply appropriate research methods and critically analyze findings.
  • Articulate life and ongoing learning experiences using a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Integrate knowledge and critical ways of thinking using applied approaches, products, and processes.

Prior Learning Credit

Earn college credit for non-traditional education, such as volunteer work, military service, professional development, self-learning, and more.
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Is Individualized Studies Right for You?

UW-Stout's Individualized Studies program is for students who want to:

  • complete a bachelor’s degree to achieve specific personal, professional, or vocational goals,
  • combine coursework from two or more disciplines to design a degree that best aligns with their career and personal needs,
  • have greater flexibility in online course delivery so they can pursue a college degree while balancing family, work, or other commitments.

However, our Individualized Studies program is not for students who:

  • have simply not decided their major or minor yet and have not determined their future career or continuing education goals,
  • are not self-directed or independent learners,
  • require a specific degree or license for their intended career.

Let's Talk

If you are considering an Individualized Studies degree, we encourage you to contact Matt Simoneau, BS IS program director at simoneaum@uwstout.edu. He can explain how our Individualized Studies program will give you a unique and competitive advantage as you pursue your desired career. And when you're ready to get started, Matt will focus on your interests and goals to help you craft your individual program plan.

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Please note: This program is designed for returning adults, transfer, and reentry students seeking to advance or change their career through degree completion. International students are not eligible for this program.

You are an International student if you do not live in the United States.

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