Advanced Automation Minor

Integrate advanced engineering techniques with practical automation applications, readying you for a future in high-tech industries.
Degree Type Minor
Delivery On Campus

Innovate with Advanced Automation Systems.

Explore the dynamic world of system-level engineering with UW-Stout's Automation Engineering minor. This program gives students the skills to design and seamlessly integrate components within complex automation systems. Gain hands-on experience while learning advanced techniques in programmable logic control programming, spanning motion control, PID feedback loops, and data exchange with industry-standard manufacturing software. You’ll also explore current applications in robotic and vision system integration, system security, and digital twins, preparing you for the forefront of automation technology.


Minor Requirements

Minors are defined as either "studies in the discipline" or as “teaching.”



Advanced Automation Engineering. Program Highlights.

Advanced Programming  Develop expertise in programmable logic control programming, including motion control, PID feedback loops, and data exchange with manufacturing execution systems, equipping you with highly sought-after skills in automation technology.

Robotic and Vision System Integration. Gain practical skills in integrating advanced robotic systems and vision technologies into comprehensive automation solutions, enhancing system efficiency and effectiveness, and preparing you for a career in automation engineering.

Digital Twin Technology. Learn to develop and operate advanced digital twin software using virtual and augmented reality techniques, placing you at the forefront of digital modeling innovation and preparing you for advanced roles in engineering and technology.

Market Demand and Job Prospects. Leverage growing industry investments in key technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics, with significant job opportunities across the Midwest in fields such as Automation Engineering and Controls Engineering, ensuring your skills are in high demand.