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photo of TrungTrung is an Assistant Deputy Director of the Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Division for the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR). He began his career with DOR in 1997 as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. In his current role, Trung focuses on working to engage with stakeholders, businesses, supporting sector-based strategies to create a pathway for people with disabilities to enter into high wage and high demand jobs. As an immigrant to this country from Vietnam, Trung understands the challenges that many are facing being new to the U.S. As such, he is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and works hard to ensure all Californians with disabilities, and those in the underrepresented communities, can access DOR services and employment opportunities. Trung is also passionate about expedited enrollment, empowering DOR Counselors to use their professional judgement to help determine eligibility timely and create opportunity for consumers to quickly participate with employment services.
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California Department of Rehabilitation's Innovation Initiatives