The Internet of Things in the Service Environment

2021 Leadership Speaker Series
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The University of Wisconsin-Stout, Discovery Center is pleased to host the 2021 Leadership Speaker Series.  We invite you to join us for a conversation around various leadership topics with regional, national, and international experts.  We hope to help inspire you and spark energy, growth, innovation, and excitement for you and your organization.

This series was offered at NO COST to you with thanks to partial funding from EDA CARES grant ED20CHI3070030 that supports innovative leadership’s pandemic response. 

The Internet of Things in the Service Environment, 
Mr. Joseph Kenny, Vice President of ServiceMax, Houston, Texas

April 8, 2021,  9:00 AM - 10:15 AM (CST) Virtual on Microsoft Teams

Tool Kit - The Internet of Things in the Service Environment

As we enter 2021, we note that COVID – 19 in 2020 forced companies to pivot into new working methods to allow for the challenges that the world faced.  The internet of things (IOT) did not arrive just last year, but it enabled the almost instantaneous pivot for many companies.  Most of us are somewhat aware of the prevalence of IOT with our reliance on smartphones, “smart homes”, and the ease with which we can utilize our devices and appliances from across the room or across the world.  IOT is also vital in the manufacturing world as it allows for real-time data acquisition, analysis, and feedback on research & development, manufacturing, and repair.  IOT has also been very successful in the equipment and asset service industry for the very same reasons:  ease in use of machines, real-time analytics, the foundation of AI & machine learning, and much more.  No matter what industry you are in, the correct utilization of IOT technology has great capability of taking your company to new levels of growth and a vastly improved customer experience.

Joseph KennyMr. Joseph Kenny - Biography

Join us for a conversation with Mr. Joe Kenny of ServiceMax in Houston, Texas as he shares how the internet of things has been the key to creating growth in the service industry and is reshaping how companies can provide the ultimate customer service experience.
Joe Kenny’s career spans over 30-years of leadership positions in Operations, Sales, Product Development, Product Marketing, and Field Service. Joe lived and worked in Asia, the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Prior to ServiceMax, Joe worked for Canon Business Process Services as Enterprise Operations Director, Loomis Armored as Vice President of Product Development, Pitney Bowes as Director, United Kingdom, and Ireland Operations, Global Director of Product Development, and National Operations Manager. Joe also served in the U.S. Naval Security Group Command and U.S. Army Reserves.

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