Leadership Growth and Development

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The Leadership Institute introduces its Leadership Development and Growth workshops to enhance and strengthen your leadership skills. This series welcomes the individual who wants to move into a leadership position or the long-time leader who is looking to refresh their skills and strengths...and everyone in between.

Each session is an interactive, hands-on learning experience designed to give each person tools and actions to implement immediately.  You will receive the latest and greatest knowledge and expertise on each topic.

The Course Instructor is Dr. Marya Wilson. She is the Director of the Leadership Institute and an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout teaching in the Operations and Management department.  She brings extensive business and industry experience in organizational development, operations, and quality management. 

Communication: It’s Not Just About Email
Thursday, May 14, 2020 
8:30 AM to 4:00 PM | Hybrid Learning Experience


Communication is about building trust and strong teams.  When you understand the bigger picture of communication, you create high-impact relationships at all levels of your organization to ensure success.  In this session, we will be enhancing your knowledge and skills utilizing successful verbal (includes listening), non-verbal, and written communication approaches. Our hybrid learning approach combines interactive online learning as well as hands-on activity in your learning location.

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Motivation for 2021
"Session Rescheduled for December 2020" 
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM | Hybrid Learning Experience

This session is a chance for you and your team to develop or enhance your organization’s Vision and Goals for 2021 and beyond.  You will learn keys to creating and motivating an organization that engages each member of your team and makes them want to say “I love my job.”  Motivation is critical in engaging and retaining great employees.  We will work together through multiple activities that will make 2021 your best year yet. Our hybrid learning approach combines interactive online learning as well as hands-on activity in your learning location. Our day will begin with several hours online (breaks included), an extended break mid-day for reflective learning at your location, and coming together in the afternoon to complete our day.

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Problem-Solving in Organizations

This session will focus on proven approaches and skills for problem-solving.  We will engage you in critical thinking, decision-making, and negotiation activities throughout the day to sharpen your problem-solving skills.  Seasoned leaders or those aspiring to be leaders will benefit greatly from this hands-on learning session.

TBD Fall 2020

Leadership, Courage and Strength

The good and great leaders understand very well their strengths and limitations.  This session is a deep dive into your personal leadership philosophy and development.  Courage takes risk so we will also be discussing ethics, conflict management, and building trust.

TBD Fall 2020

Culture, Vision and Strategy for Organizations

Culture, vision, and strategy are the driving forces of success within every organization.  This session provides hands-on learning on how to utilize these three drivers of success in your organization: strategic planning; succession planning; and organizational change.  We will also be completing hands-on work around how personalities affect organizational culture and how you and your team can leverage those diverse personalities to optimize your organization.

TBD Fall 2020