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Jeffrey Sweat


Phone 715-232-1210
Office 441E Harvey Hall

Brief Biography: After earning a doctorate in Sociology at UC-Davis, Dr. Sweat completed a postdoctoral fellowship at UCLA prior to joining the faculty at UW-Stout, where he has served in various capacities, including as the Program Director for the BS in Applied Social Science, Social Science department chair, and chair of the university's General Education committee. He founded a social justice learning community and participated in the team offering an LGBT and ally learning community. He has served as an institutional consultant on minority student retention, learning communities, and drug and alcohol abuse prevention.

Teaching Interests: Introductory Sociology, Health & Illness, Gender/Sexualities, Social Psychology, Deviance/Crime/Delinquency, Social Problems, Theory and Research Methods

Research Interests: Gender/sexualities, youth, ally identity and politics, health/disease prevention, racial/ethnic minority retention in universities.

Professional Interests: Social Psychology, Health, Gender, Sexualities, Youth, Education.