Kevin Bowersox-Johnson

Kevin Bowersox-Johnson

Associate Lecturer

Office 267 Heritage Hal

Kevin uses He/Him/His Pronouns. His interest in technology began when he was 14. He detasseled corn for a summer in order to save and buy his first computer: a Commodore 64. Kevin spent hours teaching himself to program, which later lead to a programming position at a University. Anyone remember PLATO terminals? Since, Kevin has developed curriculum and taught in academic and corporate environments. He has also held administrative positions focusing on developing and supporting faculty.

Educational Philosophy
Education is a combined process of teaching and learning with an end goal to measurably increase knowledge and improve performance of learners through a systems approach of designing, developing, implementing, updating, and evaluating program and course content based on research, best practices, and universal design where goals and objectives for learning can be determined by either the teacher, the learner, or both.

Teaching Experience
For over 25 years, Kevin has taught several computer science and education courses.

Graduate: Instructional Design, Introduction to Online Learning, Issues and Strategies for Faculty Support and Development, Web Design Principles for Online Educators, Synchronous Classrooms, and Quality Assurance and Accountability in Distance Education.

Undergraduate: Website Management, Computer Technology, HTML, Microsoft Office Professional, Business Internships, Database Management, PC Troubleshooting/Configuration, and Communications.


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Professional Interests
Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility: Kevin has served as an Inclusion Advocate on several committees working to ensure hiring practices, teaching strategies, and institutional policies are developed and implemented with an Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility lens.

Quality Teaching and Learning: Kevin has been responsible for the creation of a faculty development program that resulted in over 120 faculty participating in over 1,500 hours of training within the first year. In the early 2000s, Kevin facilitated a statewide initiative which led to the creation of a quality design rubric for online courses. 

Roles & Responsibilities
Dean of Instruction, Director of eLearning, Instructional Designer, Training Coordinator, and Faculty.