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At 14, Ganna moved to the United States where she attended Clear Lake High School and Royal Academy of Fine Arts. A few years after graduation with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and Dance she founded classical ballet studio. Ganna’s Swan Lake Ballet Studio brings to the community new opportunities to see the beauty of classical ballet. After graduation with Master of Education in Professional Development and completing a concentration in mathematics, she began teaching at UW-Stout.

Teaching Interests: Math 118 (Concepts of Mathematics) Math 120 (Introduction to College Mathematics I) Math 121 (Introduction to College Mathematics II) Math 123 (Finite Mathematics)

Research Interests: 1. Representation theory of the symmetric group Sn on the vector space of polynomials in n variables 2. Teaching undergraduate mathematics in interactive groups 3. Blogging in the mathematics classroom

Professional Interests: 1. Mathematics and Dance 2. The Algebra Project 3. Culturally Responsive Pedagogy 4. Integrating Technology in Education 5. Team Work Based Instruction