Brianna Banks, UW-Stout

Brianna Banks

First-Year Admissions Counselor - Southern Minnesota

Office 212R Sorensen Hall

I grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. After graduating high school, I moved a short 30-minutes away and attended UW-Stout to play basketball. After graduating college, I moved out to Utah for 2 years where I continued to work and build my resume. As of recent, I am back in the Midwest, and now have the opportunity to make new memories in a place that is familiar to me. When I’m not working, in the summertime, you can usually find me exploring new golf courses that I have not been to around the Midwest - and, in the Wintertime, you can usually find me watching basketball!
Advice for a new student:
Always be working on your time management skills, build a support system, and embrace being a student! However, be sure that you are taking time to make self-care a priority and do not hesitate to seek/ask for help when you need it.
College Major/Minor:
During my undergraduate degree here at UW-Stout, I was a Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management major. However, I graduated from UW-La Crosse with a degree in Business Administration and minor in Healthcare Analytics.
Why did you choose your major?
I have worked at a golf course in Eau Claire for a little over 8 years. It exposed me to multiple parts of business operations. I felt like a business major would complement the background I had by giving me a formal education and allowing me to use my real-world experience and knowledge to put me in the best spot for leadership roles within many different industries.
What do you love most about UW-Stout?
I love the hands-on learning experience that UW-Stout practices. I learn best by doing, much like a lot of people. UW-Stout is aware of this and provides the greatest environment possible for their students to succeed.
My favorite thing to do in Menomonie is…
I love going to Lucette Brewing Company. The pizza is delicious, and the atmosphere of the building is very warm and welcoming.
A random fact about me...
I have a cadaver bone in my femur (knee.) 

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