SGX.23 Junior Games

It's a game party with a variety of multi-player and puzzle games created by Game Design and Development 325 (GDD) students.
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chef scapades


ChefScapades is what happens when you take four players, battle royale, and the culinary arts and then throw them in a blender set to 'manic'. Serve it in a space setting with a side of laughter.

Team Members: Daunte Falck, Garrett Grabau, Kylie Meyer, Conner Moses, Aspen Pinkston, Breckin Berg, Eric Gritzmacher, Ben Moen, Rowan Parsons*, Sam Dykgraaf*, Angie Gecosky*

Instructor: Scott Turner

combo arena

Combo Arena

Combo Arena is an action-packed arena roguelike shooter where you must build your ultimate weapon from a variety of available parts and weapons, combining them in unique and creative ways to create the perfect killing machine to fight off dangerous robots. With intuitive combat and randomized levels each run will be different.

Team Members: Rocky Blixt, Dorian Blossom, Andrew Holthusen, Jacob Buelow, Ian Fredericks, Justin Schnell, Ian Swan, Zach Brouckman*, Matt Fisher*, Satbir Mangat*

Instructor: Michael Tetzlaff

dead pixel

Dead Pixel

Immerse yourself in a world where technology reigns supreme. Assume the role of Pixel, a daring rebel hacker, and infiltrate a sprawling building overrun by relentless bots. Ascend through its floors, evading formidable machines, gathering vital upgrades, chips, and collectibles. Take command of the structure to fortify your rebellion of outlaws and tech-savvy thieves. Will you succeed in your quest to dominate the robotic landscape?

Team Members: Parker Hagen, Erica Halvorson, Camile Lemm, Gary Menting, Porter Stanley, Addison Braun, Eric Krawczyk, Grayson Asbury*, Spencer Beasley*, David Hodgman*

Instructor: Scott Turner

food fight

Food Fight!

Play as Toast and battle the Mealtime Mafia, collecting new abilities with every enemy you defeat! Use your new powers to fight your way to the top!

Team Members: Josiah Chock, Emily Inman, Julia Jacques, Atlas Collins, Zoe Cuthrell, Nick Pereira, Cole Bennett*, Amelia Creamer*, Evelina Creemens*

Instructor: Michael Tetzlaff



Golfella is a speedrunning platform game about golfing. Get ready to zoom through levels, meet a wacky cast of characters, and play through beautiful landscapes!

Team Members: Augusto Freitas, Ben Jiang, Kolbe Ward, Daniel Johnsen, Domenic Mei, Nathaniel Willius, Isaac Vandermyde*, Vanessa Dulong*

Instructor: Michael Tetzlaff



Grazer is a postapocalyptic Wild West isometric, roguelike shooter game. Play as a grizzled cowboy/cowgirl to venture across a harsh, toxic desert with his herd of cattle and protects them from ambushes of savage Marauders!

Team Members: Will Sagstetter, Lizzie Garretson, Ethan Stark, Jose Lucero, Howie Ramaley, Mae Zinn, Ian Anderson, Molly Parker, Elijah Southman, Jayden Palarz*, Bradley Summers*, Bella Dimiceli*

Instructor: Karl Koehle

Moth Mystery

Moth Mystery

A well-respected member of the community has disappeared, and you, the mailmoth, are tasked with solving the mystery in this point-and-click adventure.

Team Members: Silver Oertel, Maegan Grittinger, Bryce VanDyke, Will Canter, Vang Lee, Rainey Alexiev*, Aidan Conrade*, Connor Piereson*

Instructor: Karl Koehle

ship shape

Ship Shape

Play as a crew of space-traversing pirates working together to run your ship. Communicate and cooperate with your teammates to keep the ship in one piece as you travel to your destination (or to Davy Jones’ Airlock you go).

Team Members: Sophia Burgess, Jordan Grider, Ema Malm, Isaac Guggisberg, Nate Leimer, Eric Hagar, Ace Hobbs*, Bradley Hildwein*, Nate Lyons*

Instructor: Karl Koehle

Yea haw


YeeHaw is a western/fantasy themed party game where you play as rootin’ tootin’ gunslinging parkour cowboy golems. You all must survive a series of minigames, first to lose is bullied.

Team Members: Aj Heyen, Samuel Lambert, Amelia Moschkau, Kaitlyn Nutt, Jared Rosen, Zoom Coe, Zach Eason, Blane Suess, Cora Moyers*, Noah Lukkari*

Instructor: Scott Turner

* = Outside music collaborator