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Why should my student complete a Co-op?

  • Several UW-Stout programs require Co-op as part of the graduation requirements to ensure students have obtained experience in their area of study prior to graduation ultimately increasing their employability.
  • It’s a great way for students to “test the waters” to see if a potential career is a good fit.
  • It helps students build their network of connections. Employers love to hire from within!
  • Students gain a strong competitive edge for professional positions as a graduate; especially at the company where the Co-op was completed. Co-op is the number one recruitment strategy used to build a pipeline of talent.

How is Co-op different from an internship?

Several company internship positions do qualify for our Co-op program. We reserve the name Co-op for positions that meet the following requirements:

  • Paid positions (Students are actual employees)
  • 320 hours of work experience completed within one semester (Fall, Spring or Summer)
  • Position is related to area of study and approved by faculty mentor
  • Co-op positions are typically full-time positions (32 hours per week or more) and professional in nature (Part-time is possible but not common)
  • Co-op positions can take place during any semester or a combination of semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer). Many employers hire students for two semesters (Summer and Fall OR Spring and Summer) to increase their return on investment
  • Co-op students working full-time (32 hours or more) are granted full-time student status
  • Academic credit will be required of students who are hired for Co-op positions. Credits will range from 1-6 credits per semester and will be determined by their Co-op Faculty Mentor.

Resources to Help

  • Students are encouraged to develop effective job searching strategies. Please see our Employment Guide
  • UW-Stout receives hundreds of Co-op positions each year. Students can search positions approved for your major 24/7 in CareerLink  
  • Students can attend UW-Stout Career Conference and Networking Events – Learn More.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in On-Campus Interviewing 

Recruitment Timeline

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Career Services is also flexible to meet employer and student needs. UW-Stout Recruitment Calendar