High Performing Cultures

The Human Factor to Profitability
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A Cohesive Team

This full-day course will help you to determine key attributes that can make or break the environment you foster for your employees. It will include discussion about factors that contribute to a cohesive team atmosphere and how to build a workplace that supports leadership and innovation.

  • Understand the relationships between people, profitability and culture.
  • Identify the seven elements of people centered cultures.
  • Determine the cultural factors that are most important in creating a people centered, high preforming company.
  • Identify which of the seven elements of people centered cultures need to be leveraged to improve performance.
  • Learn how to integrate culture and climate into the strategic planning process.
  • Define leadership competencies required for high performing, people centered cultures.
  • Apply people centered culture processes to drive competitive advantage.
A Cohesive Team

Course Schedule and Cost

This full-day workshop will be held 8 am - 4 pm on (date to be determined), at UW-Stout Memorial Student Center located in Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Cost is $199.00 which includes lunch and the book, The Human Factor to Profitability, by Dr. Jeanette Black. Parking information and instructions will be sent via email to all registrants 7 - 10 days prior to the workshop.


High Performing Cultures: The Human Factor to Profitability

Date to be determined I 8:00am to 4:00pm
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High Performing Cultures: Workshop Content & Schedule

8:15 am-8:20 am Welcome and introductions

  • Overview of seminar
  • Expectations
  • Housekeeping

8:30 am-9:30 am- The importance of organizational culture

  • The impact of culture on productivity and profit
  • The impact of organizational climate on productivity and profit
  • The 7 elements of People Centered Cultures
  • High performing cultures (HPOs)- Scores Model
  • The Great Place to Work™

9:30 am- 10:30 am- What is your organizational culture type?

  • Assessing your organizational culture
  • Assessing your organizational climate
  • Onboarding, socialization, and adoption of organizational climate
    • Impact on competitive advantage
  • Impact on Creativity and Innovation
  • Case Study and Application

10:30 am-10:45 am- Break

10:45 am am-11:45 -am-Emotional Intelligence and 


  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Competencies
  • Emotional Intelligence and the impact on organizational culture and climate
  • Impact on organizational performance, creativity and innovation
  • Emotional Intelligence link to Organizational Culture
  • EQ 360 Leadership Assessments

11:45 am-12:30 pm- Lunch

12:30 pm-1:30 pm-Denison Organizational Culture Survey™

  • Why culture matters
  • Beliefs and assumptions
  • Traits and indexes
    • Mission: Do we know where we are going?
    • Adaptability: Are we listening to the marketplace?
    • Involvement: Are our people aligned, engaged, and capable?
    • Consistency: Do we have the values, systems and processes in place to execute?

1:30 pm-2:15 pm Denison Culture Instrument-Dynamic influencers and tensions

  • Stable and Flexible
  • Internal and external
  • Cross Patterns
    • Alignment
    • Adaptability and consistency

2:15 pm-2:30 pm Break

2:30 pm-3:00 pm Dennison Culture Instrument-Link to Performance

  • Operation performance, Quality, Employee satisfaction
  • Stable performance over time
  • Innovation & Customer satisfaction
  • Growth

3:00 pm- 3:45 pm Pulling it all together. Creating the business case for culture change

  • Designing a People Centered Culture
  • Designing the High-Performance Organization
  • Return on Investment
  • Drive for competitive advantage
  • Application Case study- Human Resources VP

3:45 pm-4:00 pm Closing Comments

  • How the Denison Model can help you drive culture change
  • Next steps

4:00 pm Adjourn


Photo of Jeanette Black

Professional Profile: Jeanette Black

Course instructor, Dr. Jeanette Black, is an Associate Professor and recent Endowed Chair for People Process Culture in the UW-Stout Department of Operations and Management. Dr. Black teaches graduate courses in Organization Development/Change Management, Organizational Culture, and Human Resource Development. She has more than 30 years of experience working in leadership roles across a wide sector of industries including healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and higher education.

Dr. Black works from an employee-centered focus which is the foundation for her consultation and executive coaching work in organizations on organizational culture, employee engagement and retention, as well as organizational communication and efficiency. 

Dr. Black is a renowned author and speaker, nationally and internationally, co-authoring The Human Factor to Profitability: Building a People Centered Culture for Long-Term Success published by River Grove Books, Austin, TX.