Now that you have fab lab equipment, what do you do with it?
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Use simple problems to teach age-appropriate STEAM concepts and skills. With digital technology in your hands, it's time to rethink your approach.

  • Understand how a fab lab can be used to support multi-disciplinary learning.

  • Explore the iterative nature of design: brainstorming, drawing, modeling, testing, prototyping.

  • Obtain examples of design curricula that addresses national standards for STEM education.

  • Engage students with design-based experiences, modeling and simulation. 

  • Create "design thinking portfolios" featuring sketches, testing data, prototypes, and presentation materials.

  • Join a new professional learning community: The WiFAB Cooperative Portal, designed to serve teachers.

  • Credit option available. See REGISTRATION for more details.

Bob Meyer and Randy Hulke

      Workshop Testimonials


Testimonial 2


"Digital fabrication is wonderful for students to experience at any age. The idea that you can take your abstract thoughts and ideas and make a physical object out of them is very empowering.  While we are preparing kids for careers in engineering, it is also true that a lot of our students won’t go into a STEM focused career, but they will still learn from using the design process. The idea that you work on something, preserve, iterate, improve your idea and communicate it with others...this is something all our students get out of the process. It is really a wonderful thing to see that happen.”  Chris Wiemer, Stoughton High School

“. . .one of things that I am most excited about at the retreat is I’ve been encouraged to keep things simple…we can go back to school and do things in not as complicated way as I originally thought.”            Mark Westlake, St. Thomas Academy


"I think it is crucial for public schools to team up with Universities, such as UW-Stout, because they have the expertise and the know-how to do things.  Coming here I knew very little about fab lab equipment or how to build a curriculum around that, but after this week-long workshop we've had and really diving into it and thinking about it, I feel like I am more prepared as an educator and that is something I can bring back to my school and share with everybody there."  Mackenzie Bennin, Granton Area School District

“...one of the biggest assets of this workshop has been all of the curriculum tools. I am going to implement more math & science standards into my teaching.  I do a lot of it already, but when you bring engineering in it makes it a workable, functioning project...."  Brianne Kanak, White Lake School District




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“NOTE: All attendees will receive a kit containing tools and materials for trying the learning activities back in the classroom.”