Move-in Day Arrival

So, you have arrived on campus, what's next?!
In this Section

Find a Place to Park

Our Residence Hall Association is updating this map to help you find a parking spot! GREEN=GO, YELLOW=LIMITED, RED=NO

Guidelines for Room Arrangements

Furnishings that should stay in your room
  • Beds, mattresses and lofts
  • Dressers and wardrobes (if present)
  • Desks and bookcases
Things that can't be moved within your room
  • Mirror and bulletin boards
  • Closet walls & doors
  • Electrical fixtures, outlets, and smoke detectors
  • Desks, and bookshelves (except in AFM, HKMC, and Red Cedar)
Safety guidelines to keep in mind
  • Keep a 30in x 72in path cleared from the door to the window
  • Keep your room partition free - don't divide your space with curtains or other dividers
  • Keep at least 25in between your mattress and the ceiling
Items that are not allowed for safety reasons
  • Combustible decorations such as wall hangings, flags, crepe paper, etc...
  • Combustible vegetation other than houseplants
  • Overloaded extension cords.
  • Appliances with exposed heating elements such as toasters or pizza
  • Decorations with open flames such as candles or incense, even if unlit.
  • Any fireworks, gun powder, other explosive materials, or other flammable materials.
  • Do not alter any electrical outlets, light switches, dimmer switches or add
When lofting your bed
  • Your loft can be raised or lowered to 12 different heights.
  • You and your roommate can also set up your beds as bunks if you prefer.
  • Rubber mallets can be checked out at your hall’s front desk to help with loft adjustments.
  • Use only your loft to raise your bed - not dressers, bookcases, or desks.
How to connect a TV
  • Ensure that the TV you brought is equipped with a QAM tuner. This can be found by searching the manufacturer’s website using your TV model and the word “QAM”.
    • Note: QAM is not the same as the over the air digital tuner add-on boxes.
  • Connect your TV using a regular RG6 coaxial cable with a screw-on barrel connector.
  • Conduct a FULL channel scan (or Auto Program) to “detect” the available channels through your TV’s digital tuner.