Developmental Reading K-12

RDGED 701 Developmental Reading K-12
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Online Course
3 semester hours graduate credit 
Instructor: Dr. Paula Harms

Fall: September 16 - December 6, 2019
Tuition: $452 per semester hour graduate credit ($1,356 per course)
Fall Tuition Due - October 9, 2019

If you need a copy of the syllabus for your employer to approve enrollment in the class, email: Online Professional Development or call 715-642-0209.

You Will Learn

Evidence-based instructional practices to promote

  • word recognition
  • fluency
  • comprehension
  • phonics instruction
  • procedures to assess children's development as they move from emergent literacy to learning to read and into the reading to learn stage
  • the influence of research upon teaching procedures and the selection and use of reading materials for instruction

This class will provide a broad understanding of the processes by which students learn to read and write within the context of today's diverse learning communities.

Course Description

Concepts, methods, research, and historical developments that form the foundations of teaching reading. Pedagogical considerations, including general conditions for learning to read and write; developmental phases of reading; principles of good reading instruction; development of a personal philosophy about teaching reading as a reflective practitioner.

Who Should Enroll

Our students include:

  • 4K - Elementary, Middle School and High School Teachers
  • Reading/Math Interventionist
  • Special Education Teacher
  • English Language Arts Teacher
  • Dual-Language Spanish Teacher
  • English Language Arts Teacher
  • Academic/Instructional Coach
  • Reading Resource Teacher
  • Title I Teacher
  • ELL/ESL Teacher
  • Bilingual teacher
  • Literacy Specialist
  • RTI Coordinator
  • Literacy Coach
  • Library Media Specialist
  • Speech-Language Pathologist

Enroll in this course to meet your goals for

  • professional development
  • license renewal
  • continuing education refresher course
  • graduate credits/electives
  • transfer the credit to another university or reading certification program
  • refresher course
  • reading teacher certification

This is one of the required courses for individuals pursuing reading teacher certification, Wisconsin #1316

This course is an approved elective in the Master of Science in Education online degree program. 

How do I register?

Complete the Online Registration Form.

If you need a copy of the syllabus for your employer to approve enrollment in the class, email: Online Professional Development or call 715-642-0209.

When is the registration deadline?

Reserve your spot now. This program is very popular, and courses fill well before the start date. This course is offered three times each year (spring, summer, and fall).

Withdrawal and Refund Policy


Readings will be assigned from all of the following textbooks:

  1. Purchase this paperback:
    Blevins, W. (2017). Phonics from A-Z. (3rd ed.) New York, NY: Scholastic. ISBN: 978-1338113495 Available from
  2. Free download: National Institute for Literacy (NIFL) booklet entitled: Put reading first: The research building blocks for teaching children to read 
    Download and print 56 pg. booklet color PDF (1.25 MB)
  3. An e-textbook will be provided after you login to the course. You may open the e-book to read online from your laptop or desktop, smartphones, an iPad, Kindle Fire or fully internet-capable device. It is not compatible with a Kindle Reader. 
    Temple, C., Ogle, D., Crawford, A., Freppon, P. (2018). All children read - teaching for literacy in today’s diverse classrooms(5th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Allyn Bacon. ISBN-13: 978-0134515977
    The etextbook does not include access to the video library through Pearson

    If you prefer to read a hard copy of the textbook, instead of reading via your computer or tablet, you may purchase the book from or by telephone 1-800-922-0579, or order online from 
    Allow for delivery time, and note the ISBN number and 4th edition. 
Our Students Say...

"I can honestly say, it has been one, if not, the most valuable class I have taken. It offered historical perspective, expertise, strategies, examples, and resources.The textbooks were also assets and will be useful resources for me."
Kelly K. Special Education Teacher, Wisconsin

"Not only do I have a better understanding of some of the basics of teaching reading, but I continued to learn new strategies through the research part of this class. "
Julie G. Title I Teacher, Wisconsin

"I appreciated the course structure and discussion deadlines and rubrics. I was concerned about knowing what to do since this was my first online course. The clear guidelines you established helped me know what was expected and helped me feel successful. I learned a great deal from my classmates' discussions and their assignments. Thanks for such a positive new experience!"
Erika D. Seventh and Eighth Grade English Teacher, Wisconsin

No travel to campus required - 100% Online
  • Participate 24/7 from your home or work computer during hours that are best for your work and family schedule.
  • The class is highly interactive with a significant discussion component.
  • All discussion postings, projects, and assignments will be submitted via the course discussion board and Dropbox.
  • Activities are conducted according to a schedule with specific due dates each week.
  • There are no required "live" chat sessions.
  • This is not a self-paced class.